Lindsay Lohan Is Staying Home for New Year’s Eve … Hopefully to Work on This List of Resolutions

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lindsay lohan and dinaSo it sounds like hell has officially frozen over: Lindsay Lohan is staying in for New Year's Eve. That's right -- staying in, not partying (at least not in plain sight), not doing anything illegal (again, at least not in plain sight). Sources say LiLo really really wants to make a good impression on the judge hearing her current case, so she's ringing in the new year with a "small, quiet dinner in London," where she's been vacationing with mum Dina Lohan, re-enacting scenes from Absolutely Fabulous (if recent pics like this one are any indication).

Well, good for Lindsay!

A low-key evening could be just what the judge doctor ordered. And as long as La Lohan is staying in, she might as well make a list of resolutions for 2013, right? A new year, a new Lindsay! Here, a few suggestions for Lindsay Lohan's List of New Year's Resolutions:

1. Take up a hobby. You know what they say about idle hands ... plus, if Lindsay learned some useful skill like, say, jewelry-making, just think of all the trouble she would avoid!

2. Become a job-creator. Let's face it: Girlfriend needs a full-time staff to get her through life. First position in need of filling? A CHAUFFEUR.

3. Volunteer. Isn't there some saying about how people can learn to help themselves by helping others? Besides, she already has janitorial experience.

4. Go on a cleanse. Not trying to be mean, just saying ... there's toxins in them thar hills.

5. Take an anger management course. Because one can't just go through life punching gypsies whenever one feels like it.

What New Year's Resolutions would you suggest for Lindsay Lohan?


Image via PacificCoastNews

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jalaz77 jalaz77

Hide out fit a year. This girl should get zero attention.

jalaz77 jalaz77


Miche... MichelleK41

Stay home and stay sober.

mrswi... mrswillie

Stop breaking her probation

Kmakk... Kmakksmom

^^I agree with all of the above^^

thing... thingz123

As I said someplace else, I think she needs some serious therapy. You don't grow up with 2 whackjobs for parents and not be seriously affected. Secondly, she needs to go to rehab and stay there-you can't anesthetize yourself with drugs and booze and just think all the problems will magically disappear.

I know that a lot of people have horrible childhoods-this would include me. I was raised by 2 people who had zero business procreating. I think that how you turn out when you grow up in these situations depends upon whether you can actually step back, examine all the crazy and decide whether all of the lunacy is going to be your bible for what NOT to do or not. Also, there are those of us who are more likely to be self destructive-she has at least one parent who abuses drugs and/or alcohol, and she may just be a bigger thrill seeker than some other people, anyway. She's got nature and nurture working against her.

I don't think it's impossible for her to get her act together, but it's going to be pretty damn hard.  I don't think she's hit her personal wall yet.

MamaM... MamaMandee

To get her shit together!! 

4kidz916 4kidz916

Let's hope she'll clean up her act.  She's pretty sad right now.

Bmat Bmat

take up yoga

timon95 timon95

start taking life seriously and grow up!

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