Psy Says 'Gangnam Style' Craze Will End Tonight on New Year's Eve

Gangnam StyleI don't know about you, but I have one overriding wish for 2013: I hope it includes more "Gangnam Style." I just haven't heard enough of this song! I just haven't seen enough versions of the dance! Sure, The Stir alone has featured Thai prisoners, hot Navy dudes, a festive holiday display, five adorable babies, and Robert Pattinson's decapitated head all doing Psy's iconic pony-ride, but those merely whetted my appetite. Can there be too many sexy ladies? I THINK NOT.

Tragically for us all, Psy himself says that he's ready to move on from "Gangnam Style" in the new year. It's almost too upsetting to contemplate, but he says that tonight may mark the beginning of the end for what has inexplicably become the world's most popular song.


If you weren't already planning to do so, you may want to tune into Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve tonight, because according to Psy, it may be your last chance to catch his "Gangnam Style" performance:

Being in Times Square on New Year's Eve is already special – it's the biggest stage in the universe – plus it's my birthday, so, with all that, it may be the ending of 'Gangnam Style.' I mean, what better way to do it? It's my biggest and most meaningful birthday.

Of course, he doesn't mean it's truly and for real the actual end of the song, but he's acutely aware of his potential to be a one-hit wonder:

The song became too popular, and so you start to have some concern about its life period. I'm really working hard on a new single right now, and I'm not saying ['Gangnam'] is ending on Dick Clark — I still have a lot of invitations to perform it . . . I'll be in Paris, and in February I got invited to perform in China, and I've still got to do promo. So let me say that in America I need a new single because 'Gangnam Style' got too popular, so I've got to write a new single.

Did "Gangnam Style" get too popular? JESUS GOD I GUESS. Props to Psy for being savvy enough to realize that it's only a matter of time until the same people who love the horsey-dance want to punch him in the face the next time they hear a "wuppa."

Now, the question is, can he continue his success? It seems unlikely that he can make lightning strike twice, but he's certainly got the built-in audience. It's now or never, Psy, and I'm rooting for you! If only so I can stop being assaulted with the "hysterical" parodies of this freaking song.

Do you think Psy's next single will be as popular as "Gangnam Style"?

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