'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Divorce Is Not Going to Be Easy

Jenelle EvansAll right folks, better take some Dramamine! It's time to jump on the Jenelle Evans relationship rollercoaster, taking off from crazytown station right about ... now! You may have heard talk of the Teen Mom 2 star considering a divorce from brand new hubby Courtland Rogers? We might as well drop "considering" and call it official. 

Jenelle says she's "single" these days, and the MTV star is more than willing to spill the why already. Divorce lawyers, are you taking notes?


First off, of course, there are Jenelle's claims that she didn't actually announce their impending divorce last week. Shortly after her series of tweets about why she'd be cutting ties with Courtland were made public, Jenelle then told the world that it was actually her husband who'd gone into her account and posted under her name about the divorce.

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OK, we gotcha, Jenelle, it was a total dick move on the hubster's part, but is that reason enough to call it quits on marriage? Hey, in Teen Mom world, you never know.

But a little credit where credit is due, Jenelle doesn't seem to simply be flying off the handle (this time). Thanks to her oversharing habit, we're now privy to a load of dirt on Courtland, including allegations that he's still chatting up his baby mama Taylor on the regular while Jenelle is sleeping, that he threw her suitcase down the stairs, and that he's been hiding serious financial issues from her. She's even inferring that her money has been stolen.

Add to the fact that we've already seen Courtland's out-of-control ranting on Twitter, and it all goes to explain why Jenelle would be running as fast as she can away from this guy. But now we've got bigger questions: like why does she feel the need to share all of this with the rest of the world instead of talking straight to her husband?

Even her "I'm single" announcement came out on Twitter, tagging Courtland to make sure he saw it.

The guy sounds like a giant waste of her time, but the fact is, he's her husband. She married him. Next to giving birth to a human being, there aren't many decisions this major in life. You can't just whine your way out of them ... and while she was able to pass custody of her child off to her Mom, this is one mess Jenelle can't just push off on someone else. 

The only way Jenelle is going to dig herself back out of this mess is if she acts like an adult ... which means sitting down, face-to-face, and hashing out this relationship with Courtland himself. It's not going to be easy, but she's going to have to do it.

What is it going to take for Jenelle to actually deal with her problem here?


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