Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's New Year's Plans Sound Like the Perfect Proposal

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Robert Pattinson Kristen StewartReady for your daily dose of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart fun? Rightio, gotcha covered. Seems like they'll be spending New Year's together, despite the latest rumors of holiday family drama and ultimatums. Y'see, Kristen and Rob were seen looking nice and cozy on the London tube (British for subway) on Saturday, EntertainmentWise reported. Yeehaw! Take that, Rob's sisters!

But that's not even the best part. The best part is the pair's amazingly romantic New Year's plans, if you believe the whisperings. Supposedly, they'll see 2012 turn to '13 on an intimate getaway on the Isle of Wight (which sounds like a made-up place from the "Twilight" movies, but it's real -- swear).

We smell a marriage proposal in the air ...

Remember when we heard that Rob told Kristen she either gets serious by Valentine's Day or he's done with her? How about the story that he's secretly designing a beautiful engagement ring for her? So, really, what better time to make it official than on this romantic, private island in the English Channel? And how symbolic would it be to propose over New Year's -- a fresh start at the start of a fresh year? (There isn't a better time. Do it, you two! We're tired of waiting!)

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The couple apparently celebrated a quiet Christmas together before the 25th, then were apart for the actual holiday -- reportedly because Kristen was too scared to face Rob's disapproving big sisters and the rest of the Pattinson clan. See, his family isn't so thrilled Rob took Kristen back after that whole cheating scandal thingie. His meddling -- we mean protective -- older sis Lizzy is said to have told Rob she's always hated how Kristen treats him and he shouldn't be with a cheat.

Anyway, the drama seems to have (temporarily) passed and the lovebirds were supposedly back together in the U.K. by Thursday. Hurrah! A fan tweeted that he saw Kristen on the plane, and another fan says he saw them riding the tube together.

Look, I get how Rob's sisters and family feel. I wouldn't want to see my little brother with a woman was unfaithful, either. But love is a powerful thing ... And sometimes forgiveness is the best solution.

Even though I mainly think the whole RPattz-KStew relationship, cheating scandal, breakup, and reconciliation are probably for show to promote "Twilight," let's assume that it's all real. People make mistakes -- especially when they're young and suddenly famous like Kristen and Rob (who hasn't necessarily been a total angel either, if you believe THOSE rumors).

So when one or both people screw up, it's often the right thing -- the strong thing -- to do to give each other a second chance, to try again to make it work. Next to impossible? For sure. Trust would be really hard to regain. But still, if the relationship is worth saving, I say go for it. And since Rob and Kristen know exactly who I am and typically listen to whatever I say, mark my words. We'll see him put a ring on it and her say yes before we can say "Breaking Dawn Part 5: The Epilogue."

Do you think Kristen and Rob will ever get engaged, or are they headed for another breakup? Do you care?


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nonmember avatar Michelle

I'm always amazed at those who think that Rob and Kristen, dating, breaking up, etc is to promote a movie that will be HUGE no matter what they do. Who in their right mind would actually believe that 2 gorgeous people in the prime of their dating years would pretend to date for 4 years to promote a movie that will be a huge hit no matter what? It's weird to me.

nonmember avatar KCRey1213

Doubt very much that only 1 person recognized KSluf on an international flight since she usually travels ONLY via private plan and Rob has stated he never ever rides the tube because if a "situation" happens he's trapped! Prob lies made up by attention seekers.

nonmember avatar luvrob

Why do you even care?

nonmember avatar @KCRey1213

Um, Will from the Black Eyed Peas tweeted about her being on his flight, and there is a photo. Why on earth would a successful musician like him lie about seeing Kristen Stewart? Also, is it really necessary to use such vile language as slut?

nonmember avatar stephen farrier

i thank gonna be break up for robten kristen stewart will hreatbroken again someday next jan.

nonmember avatar Lefty

As for the family not approving of Rob being with Kristen... they all certainly looked cozy and smiley during the LA Breaking Dawn 2 promotion in November. Rob's mother chatting with Kristen's father, showing each other photos on their cellphones; Rob's father with his arm around Kristen's father both smiling wide in a photo taken that same night; Lizzy was there, as were Kristen's mother and brother, all in a group. How about the big smile and long chat Victoria had with Kristen on the red carpet during the London premiere? All backed up by photos... And finally, both sets of RK's friends are in London to ring in the New Year together. Seems to me everyone has forgiven Kristen [most importantly, Rob himself], so why can't you bloggers get your facts straight before you make up stories about who hates who or can't forgive the other?

nonmember avatar Gwen

how i wish that theire relationship will get into Marriage ;)))) yeah ilove that couple!!!;) Kristen anD roBert Pattinson.

nonmember avatar Misty

I agree with Lefty - everyone on both sides of their families got along great at BD2 premieres - i've only seen the same comment repeated on all gossip rags by "an insider" quoted by The Sun, of all rags, saying that Lizzy has a problem with Kristen. And to KCRey1213, Rob or Kristen only travel on private jets when absolutely necessary - Summit flew them on their whirlwind world tour for BD2 premieres due to time constraints, and Kristen to New York to appear for the hurricane Sandy benefit concert. It was a last minute appearance, and she flew back to LA on a commercial flight after OTR promotions. Isn't it time to stop hating on Kristen? Didn't you make any mistakes at 22 years old (or are you 22 yet)? Thank God cameras didn't follow me around at that age. I KNOW I'm not perfect, don't know of anyone that is. If you are, then why haven't I heard of your sainthood?

nonmember avatar setha2z

I'm with Michelle on this. Now that the 5 Twilight films have been shown, it will be fun to see where Rob & Kristen's relationship goes without a "conspiracy theory" in force. Personally, I bet they stay together. I think their romance is genuine.

AMom29 AMom29

It's none of his sisters' business.  Yeah, make your thoughts known if you must, then stay out of it.  It's his life.

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