Comedian Katt Williams' Children Taken From Him After Arrest Over Guns

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Something tells me that comedian Katt Williams won't mind saying goodbye to 2012. Though the way he's going, the new year isn't likely to be much better. Katt has been arrested -- again! -- this time on child endangerment charges. His house was raided by police and reportedly numerous guns and illegal drugs were found. TMZ caught up to him after his bail and he doesn't seem very contrite. In fact, he asked, "How do you keep kids safe without guns?"

In the video, Katt says, "They took my children from me. How terrible is that?" The videographer asks about the guns found in his home and Katt says what sounds like, "They'll always find guns, I never leave without it, girlfriend." He denies that he had drugs in the home, as was reported.

The TMZ reporter then asks him if he thinks it's safe to have guns around kids. He replies: "How do you keep kids safe without guns?" And claims the guns were in a lock box that the police broke. He also alleges that the police have been to his house nine times.

Katt has one biological child and adopted seven more. That sounds like a fantastic kind of guy -- so why can't he stay out of trouble? So far, it's been a laundry list of bizarre episodes with him. A brief rundown: He slapped a Target employee, is being sued for $5 million by a former assistant who alleges he punched her, he led cops on a chase through Sacramento while riding a three-wheeled motorcycle, he was arrested after a bar fight in Seattle, has other assault charges against him with weapons ranging from rocks to cigarette butts, and, well, I don't want to be here all day. Let's just say this guy has had a busy year. And not busy in a good way.

Asked by TMZ if he has any New Year's Eve resolutions, he cracks: "Yeah, be white."

Heh. Good one, Katt. Guess you are a comedian.

Do you think what Katt says about kids and guns is true or just as screwy as everything else he's done?



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bills... billsfan1104

YOur headline is wrong.  If those guns are LEGAL, he wouldnt be arrested for that.  If he was doing something illegal with those guns, then he should be arrested and jailed.  I would guess that the ILLEGAL drugs had something to do with his arrest. 

butte... butterflyfreak

Oh, now billsfan, let's not confuse Kiri with FACTS. After all "Katt Williams arrested over drugs" just doesn't have the same draw as as a title with guns in the name.

Karma... KarmaGrant

Also spell check should be her friend. I think she meant contrite, when she said concrite which isn't a word.

cmjaz cmjaz

Sounds like he recently got hooked on some very bad shit. Someone who adopts 7 kids probably doesn't just start going off the deep end in one year without a terrible addiction being the cause.

Kzint... KzintiFeline

billsfan - That was my exact thought when reading the first paragraph.  I don't know who the guy is, so perhaps he is a felon that legally cannot own guns, but, unless that is the case, I would think that they would have to do some digging to determine whether the guns were legal or not.  Therefore, the arrest would more likely have to do with the illegal drugs found in his home.  Why would the headline not be screaming about the harmful drugs he had in his home, around his children?  Because the Stir seemingly is fixated on guns and trying to get them out of the hands of legal owners these days.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Kziniti, Katt Williams has been a comedian for over 20 years. He has 8 children - 7 of which are adopted. For the most part he is a good guy. However, for the past two years he has had legal issues. I'm guess he is on some drug - cocaine, ecstasy, or codeine. 

paige... paige8608

One sign, for me anyway, is his hair! Katt usually has an EMACULATE relaxer that leaves his hair shiny & luxurious. He looks like he has some extreme is looking rough. And he usually has very nice & well groomed facial hair. His face rivals my vagina as it is now. I think that these are signs that he's been smoking more than just weed. And as funny as he is & as open as he is about his marijuana use, he should've been more responsible given the fact that he has kids. He's a good guy & hilarious to boot, but I fear that there are details that we do not know that are incriminating. I hope he gets his life togther...or at least get to a salon!

tuffy... tuffymama

I thought the same thing about his hair, Paige. It put many women to shame before. I hope he doesn't have a tab with Whitney's dealer. Ugh.

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