Beyonce's Super Bowl Halftime Show Will Have Someone Unexpected Performing With Her

beyonce super bowl billboardCan Beyonce do anything wrong? Anything -- at all -- to make her seem just a little less perfect? (Answer: No. And it's getting annoying.)

Apparently Blue Ivy's mama is such a sweetheart that she's sharing the Super Bowl halftime show spotlight with none other than 100 of her fans. Call her a diva if you will, but that doesn't sound like diva behavior to us. (Take note, J.Lo.)

Of course we probably can't give the pop star all the credit for the stunt. The always-hyped halftime show is sponsored by Pepsi, and they're the ones who said yesterday that fans will be introducing Beyonce on Feb. 3 in New Orleans.

But guess what?? We all have a shot at being one of those lucky 100 who will appear with Queen Bey!

The contest opens today and asks fans to send photos of themselves puttin' on the moves -- the usual foot-tapping, hip-gyrating moves you'd expect to do when you're on stage in front of millions of people with a superstar. And no, we're not making this up. Anyway, those pictures will be featured in a TV commercial, and 50 fans (who each get to bring a friend) will be chosen to join Beyonce at the Super Bowl. Niiiice, right?

There's a lot of excitement surrounding the choice of Beyonce as the halftime performer this year. For one thing, she's a heck of a lot younger and more sparkly than most all the recent acts they've put up there for almost a decade (sorry, Madonna, Fergie, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, and the rest of you, but it's true). That's because Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake's "accidental" "wardrobe malfunction" in '04 turned the producers into skittish wimps who made the whole thing a giant snooze-fest (apologies again).

So this whole fan involvement thing just ups the buzz about our girl's performance even more. How touching that they're giving these nobodies their 15 minutes! And will it detract from Beyonce? And won't it look weird? Or will it just be super cool and feel-good and we'll all be dabbing our eyes and shaking our heads in admiration, again, over the goddess who is Jay Z's wife?

So bravo, Super Bowl halftime show people. You finally are doing something right. We can't wait to see how it plays out. The show, not the game. Duh!

Do you watch the Super Bowl for the game, the halftime show, or the commercials?


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bills... billsfan1104

I cant stand her.  The 100 fans was not her idea, and she probably wouldnt want them there, but probably is being forced to have them there.  

OKgirl OKgirl

I do not like Beyonce, so I probably won't watch the Super Bowl. I would rather watch the puppy bowl on animal planet.

nonmember avatar QUEEN B...


AIN'T no one forcing you all 2 watch it... But I KNOW that myself and many millionsssssssss more are SUPER HYPED for her show more than the game and she will DELIVER. She is not the most paid musician

nonmember avatar QUEEN B

She is not the most paid musician for just standing on stage she is one HELL OF A PERFORMER AND THIS IS SOMETHING THAT IS SO ANTICIPATED I WISH TOMORROW IS FEB 3... THE BEYHURRICANE IS UPON US AND I CANT WAITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

bills... billsfan1104

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO at Queen B who thinks that Beyonce gives two shits about her.  Well guess what, Beyonce doesnt!!!!  She is interested in taking yo money honey. 

nonmember avatar Setra

I’m with you, I can’t wait to see the show either! I love the concept and I love that Beyonce will finally be performing at the halftime show. You’re right! I don’t think she can do anything wrong, so this will be a great show I can already tell. My DISH coworker’s daughter is trying out for this contest, which is how I first heard about the idea. My guests and I will be watching on my DISH Hopper. This way we’ll be able to start watching on my living room TV and then continue watching on my family room TV right where we left off. I can’t wait to see Beyonce and all her fans!

nonmember avatar Sunshine67

I do not understand how some people cannot stand someone they do not know. I will say I thought her being this second coming of Michael Jackson as a hard working performer was blown out of proportion but I must admit she is one heck of a performer, she quiet me down with her performances and glimpses of the behind the scenes work they broadcast from time to time and the hard work she puts into her performances OMG, anyone that works as hard as she seem to in order to perfect a show, to deliver her fans the best show or the best part; give them their money's worth is someone who really believes and loves what they do and appreciate their fans at the same time. I know she is not perfect but within her I see someone who strives to be the best person she can be and you know what.... that is all we can ask for. I thank God for the Beyoncé Knowles and the Taylor Swifts of the world, their existence equals that much more goodness on this earth and with all that is going on in the world today, a model of goody two shoes or what some may perceive as goody two shoes is like a breath of fresh air for me. I am not a fan of the good girl gone bad ordeal, I am a fan of striving to be the best you, you can be and we as women need to start standing together and supporting one another.

nonmember avatar Sushine67

I believe it is hard being a celebrity with every camera in the world trying to get a peek into your life and please people don't feed me that that is their choice crap. All of us are destined to be something rather that is a doctor, lawyer, singer or an actor. But being a doctor or a lawyer does not equal cameras everywhere but being a singer or an actor does. Plus, I do not have to be a celebrity to see what is going on; I know how to really seek other people's understanding of a situation before judging them. Sometimes, I admit I am wrong about some people and that is okay, I don't try to be on wrong perceive them in a negative light on purpose. The good thing is when I realize I am wrong; I admit it like a mature woman does and should. Her parents did a great job raising her and they should be proud of themselves. I grant Beyoncé much success for her halftime show and my family and I will be watching Super Bowl halftime show history in the making. Also, I do not believe anyone is making her do anything, it is not like she is in need of publicity hand outs, her name alone draws crowds. Plus rather Beyoncé gives two cents about negative or positive comments are irrelevant. However, who does give two cents are you, me and everyone else who decides to comment on this story in hopes others would read it.

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