'Twilight' Named Worst Movie Ever but We Think These 10 Are Way Worse

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kristen stewartHave you ever heard of this movie series called Twilight? That stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, or Robsten, if you will? It's kind of a big deal. There are, however, some heathens, some non-believers, some heartless bastards out there who'd beg to differ. The hilarious guys over at Mystery Science Theater 3000 have just named Twilight, all the Twilights, the worst movies of all time.

Well slap my sparkly ass and call me a vampire because there is no way in hell Twilight is worse than these 10 other movies. No. Way.

  1. Gigli. As if you didn't see this one coming. It was everything that was wrong with Bennifer -- all image, no substance.
  2. Glitter. Everyone knew this was going to be a disaster when Mariah Carey didn't let 9/11/01 stop her from holding a premiere for her ill-fated flick. 
  3. Corky Romano. Yes! That was a movie, not just a Chris Kattan skit on SNL. And it was terrible.
  4. All About Steve. Oh god. Sandra Bullock as a mentally unstable woman stalking Bradley Cooper? It was as painful as it was offensive.
  5. No Strings Attached. I don't know about you, but this Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher movie was simply unwatchable. (Same with its rival Friends With Benefits starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.)
  6. Larry Crowne. Hey! I got a great idea for a movie. Let's put Academy Award winner Tom Hanks on a scooter following Academy Award winner Julia Roberts. Spoiler alert: the concept fails and the movie sucks.
  7. Transformers. Every last one of these movies was horrendous. Loud, and horrendous.
  8. Sex and the City II. It'd almost be satire if it weren't so blatantly racist.
  9. The Dilemma. I caught this on TV recently and thought, whoa! A Vince Vaughn, Kevin James comedy I haven't seen? Three minutes into it I realized why. It's not a comedy. It's a sad, sad, sad drama about extramarital affairs. Terrible bait and switch.
  10. Season of the Witch. True story: I actually snuck into this when the movie I'd paid to see was too crowded, and holy bejesus, was I ever punished for my sin. This movie starring Nicolas Cage was so bad I think my brain started bleeding.

So! There you have it. More than 10 movies worse than Twilight. Maybe those Mystery Science guys can tackle one of those next.

In the meantime, here's a clip of their commentary on Twilight:

What's the worst movie you've ever seen?


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CAP1015 CAP1015

Twighlight(s) are bad no doubt, but the worst?  Not even close.  Your list wasn't bad but you missed a few as well:

1. Ghostrider........this is the worst Nick Cage ever, not even close.

2. Jaws the revenge........... a movie so bad that you felt sorry for the shark

3. Godfather III.........nothing can describe how bad this was.

4. The Astronauts wife..........Johnny Depp couldn't even save this crapload........

I could go on and name about 50 movies way worse than Twilight(s) and I hate the twilights!


nonmember avatar Jackie

Twilight > Transformers? Definitely not! I would rather watch transformers every day then sit through another God awful Twilight flick. And may I add, Twilight has the CHEESIEST effects ever!

Reepi... Reepicheep.CSL

Nope, twilight is still worse!

Mason... MasonsMom503

Depp can save any movie! IMHO

linzemae linzemae

I love Twilight.. still do. New moon and the rest werent near as good. 

Doomy234 Doomy234

Twilight is definitely the worst, and I have seen a movie called She's Crushed. Yeah, watch 20 minutes of that movie. You'll lose braincells and wish you hadnt wasted a few minutes of your life ever viewing it, but it STILL has a better plot and love story than Twilight.

SLMit... SLMitchell

Hey, I happen to like "The Astronaut's Wife".  Oscar worthy? Probably not.  A shameless rip-off of "Rosemary's Baby?  Eh, kind of.  It does have a good cast, a decent story (even if it is a borrowed one), and beautiful cinematography.  A far cry from the worst. :)

Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

Sex and the city 2 was racist??? The worst movie ever made had to be Vanilla sky. Followed closely by Dr.T and the women

Momme... MommeeTo4

Twilight was bad, I would rather watch Don't mess with the Zohan, and that movie sucked

LoriA... LoriAnn87

Definitely twilight also high tension, jennifer's body, show girls, cloverfield, all of will ferral and jim carrey movies, and the smurfs.

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