Robert Pattinson's Family Is Angry He Took Back Kristen & We Can't Blame Them

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartEvery other day we hear something new about the budding love between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. One second they're getting married, the next second, they're broken up, and shoot -- did you hear the one about them getting back together on the big screen?

Well, rumor has it that Rob's family is less than pleased that he and Kristen have rekindled their romance. Allegedly, Rob's sister Lizzie and he got into a heated argument over the holidays about him taking Kristen back and it wasn't pretty. His sister wants what's best for him, and I guess in her eyes, that's life without his Bella.

You know what? I can't say I blame her.

Here's the thing: Rob's sister just wants what's best for him. Like in any relationship, when the family gets involved, generally that means you're really serious about the person you're with. Meeting them, learning more about where you come from, that's huge. The thing is, though, is that once they become involved, there's no going back.

It's hard for your family to see someone that they've embraced hurt you. Feelings of anger emerge, and rather than being able to look at both sides of whatever the situation may be, they automatically push out the person who's causing their loved one so much hurt. It's natural. And to be real: It's how it should be.

Who knows. Maybe Kristen really is good for Rob. Maybe Kristen's one indiscretion shouldn't be the reason that his family doesn't like her. It's understandable, though. It's going to take time for things to go back to the way they were.

Do you think Rob's family is being harsh on him? Do you think Rob and Kristen belong together?


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nonmember avatar Clar

People make mistakes. It's none of the family business anyway. It's between rob and kristen

nonmember avatar Sanam

I think they belong together no matter what Rob's family thinks. It's Rob's LIFE


They don't have papers on each other.

nonmember avatar jen

It is easy for 'fans' who only know the little half truths we read, but his family would know more if not all the details. That matters. We also do not know the relationsips before this happened. Yes, fans want their happy ending to the couple they like. But this is real life and if there are things known that we don't then no one can say if they are out of line to want this to end. They have a right to say who they are willing to embrace too. So unless he is ready to give up his family too, then what they think does and should matter.
Frankly if a women did what she did to someone I loved? Bo way I would ever be on her side...ever. those I love deserve the BEST and there are women who can stay away from other women's husbands and respect family units even at Stewart's age> I would prefer someone I loved held out for that kind of woman.

nonmember avatar Just My Thought

I have to agree with the last comment. When someone you've welcomed into your family...hurts, betrays & humiliates your loved's difficult to accept, forgive & welcome them back. You are able to see the whole picture while the one who was hurt just wants the hurt to stop.
I sincerely hope she doesn't break his heart again but I wouldn't bet on it. To make such a HUGE betrayal at her age is telling. She's not mature, ready or able to be in a committed long term relationship. I think they should part ways, grow a little and then see if what they had was real or just first love.

VLM10... VLM101963

I watched someone I loved hurt someone we all loved dearly and the family on both sides had a hard time accepting this person back in the fold but we are trying because the way we all see it they truely do love each other and had been together awhile and just reached a point where something snapped but they are working through it ... we all make mistakes; let them be. If they do work out, and make a lifelong commitment to one another then his family, once  they see how happy he is with her, they will accept her.

nonmember avatar J

I have to disagree on "it's none of their business and it's his life". Family is a HUGE part of your life, no matter what. Every holiday, family birthday, functions, funerals, etc. It's next to impossible to have a healthy and lasting relationship with someone that doesn't get along with your family, especially when your family is close as it sounds like Rob's is. He will constantly be put in the middle and forced to chose. The family has a legitimate reason for being leary as well, it's not like they don't like her because her hair is brown. I hope for the couple's sake that they are able to all forgive and move forward as a family. That's the only way Rob will ever be truly happy.

paren... parentalrights1

It doesn't matter if they want what is best. Extended family gets no say. He knows what happened and chose to take her back and that family needs to accept it. Rob and Kristen are a couple and a serious one and honestly if families think they have any business meddling then they shouldn't be surprised if rob decides to have nothing to do with people who can't respect his significant oter

paren... parentalrights1

And J there is no need to choose. You always choose your spouse over extended family. Sure they are not married... Yet. But when they do they will be family and everyone else is extended family and comes second. And you don't have to spend any holidays with extended family if you don't want to

nonmember avatar DD excuse me but who said they are getting married at all? They are 22 and 26 and she publicly humiliated him....And your wrong about always choosing spouse over extended family...she is not his spouse and the things you are saying just sound very narrow minded and wrong

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