Jef Holm's Latest Confession Means He Isn't as Innocent as We Thought

Jef Holm Emily MaynardI've got a confession to make. I never believed Jef Holm was genuine. Maybe it was the fact that he was so incredibly over the top when he gushed about Emily Maynard -- like, we get it dude, she's great. But take it down a few notches. It just seemed too good to be true.

And when things went south with these two, everyone fixated on Emily and what she did wrong -- not even realizing that we were putting Jef on this imaginary throne that he totally didn't deserve. Well, it looks like the joke's on us (eh, mostly you guys. Like I said, I knew all along) because Jef has recently made it crystal clear what his true motives are for being with Emily.

And it all started when Emily got an invite to Ashley Hebert & JP Rosenbaum's wedding ...

According to a source, Jef was dying to go to the wedding -- and knew Emily was his only way in. But as we all know, Emily flew solo.

What we didn't know? Jef went to Emily's hotel before the wedding and tried to convince her to bring him. Well hello there, Mr. Desperate -- how are you doing today? It's not like Emily was heading off to some crazy football game, or a cool boxing match -- why on Earth would Jef be "dying" to go? Oh, maybe it was the ABC camera crew and tons of paparazzi? Very interesting.

Unless we're talking about Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers, men don't typical beg to go to weddings. But it definitely raises an eyebrow to find out that Jef was.

Could it be that he was just after fame the entire time? I think so. And I'm sure getting to date a hot girl in the process wasn't so hard, either.

Do you think Jef Holm is genuine?

Image via ABC

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mande... manderspanders

You people actually believe any of this stuff is real??

Wowsers.  smh.

nonmember avatar Cass

Do you actually know what the word "confession" means? You really should look it up

nonmember avatar KXG

.....who ARE these people and why should i care...? i mean -really- who are these people... do they have a purpose in life? is there a point to them? i -assume- they're not actual celebrities as i have never heard of them before this article. why is this news, even "entertainment" news?

nonmember avatar what?

so not true. Jef got invited by the couple, but couldn't come. this rumor is so garbage. straighten your facts!

nonmember avatar Brittney

Who are we to judge if someone is genuine or not? I think this is taking this a bit too far, as media usually does. Why do we report on this stuff? It's sad. Let him be him and worry about something more important.

hexxuss hexxuss

I think I'm in the vast minority that did NOT like Jef - at all. No idea why, he just rubbed me wrong from day 1, but *shrugs*. Don't like 'im, glad I don't have to read about him anymore.... oh wait....

nonmember avatar Kathy

I agree with hexxus, I was not fussed on Jef either,he just seemed like a real player on the bachelorette. I actually didn't think any of the guys were the right pick for Emily, if she had to choose one it would have be Sean but I think chemistry was missing for her.

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