'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Is Considering Divorce ... Already

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Jenelle EvansSo who had "less than a month" in the how long will Jenelle Evans' marriage last bet? Not sure there's much of a prize to be had, but you win ... bragging rights? The Teen Mom 2 star is already talking divorce from Courtland Rogers. You know, the guy she just married after two months of dating?

Now for the truly troubling news: Jenelle claims she doesn't care that her marriage is over. Really? Getting married after just two months of dating doesn't point to a deep understanding of what it really means to be hitched, but at least divorce should be taken seriously, right?

Not with Jenelle. She first announced her impending divorce was her fault on Twitter (where else?) early this morning because:

I just want to let everyone know that it is my fault that Courtland and I are going to get a divorce because I left last night at 3 am ... To go hang out with his worst enemy and left him home sleeping and worried

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But when fans started weighing in, Jenelle was quick to say she's already moving on. She's OK with her actions, even if they pissed off her new hubby:

Now I got broke up with and I don't even care cause o well right?? I love u tori

The series of tweets upset not just Jenelle's fans but co-star Kailyn Lowry. Kail commented that she wished Jenelle would keep some of the personal stuff off Twitter, but later removed the Tweet when she was attacked for hating on her co-star (a comment Kailyn said was unfair, noting she's always there for Jenelle). 

Kailyn's point is warranted. It's unhealthy to spend your time ranting about relationship issues outside of the relationship. We all need a friend's shoulder to cry on from time to time, but the only way to really make changes with a significant other is to talk TO them. Going outside the relationship to rant tends to make us angrier and allows us to wallow in self-pity: neither of which is constructive means to solving the problem.

But then, Jenelle doesn't seem like she's willing to work on the problem. By her own admission, she's already given up on her marriage.

Ironically, this may be one of Jenelle's smarter decisions. Courtland is an "old friend" but he's revealed himself to be anything but a smart choice. His out-of-control Twitter rant this week alone spoke volumes.

What do you think about Jenelle and Courtland possibly breaking up? Is this the right road for her?


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Ang9403 Ang9403

I knew that wouldnt last.

sand008 sand008

What a shocker! Naive, immature, child.

nonmember avatar Sarah

She is a massive train wreck! Anyone knew it wouldn`t last!But they`ll stay together & do more damage!

nonmember avatar T

Attention is all this is.

nonmember avatar Lee Lee

I really like Jenelle and sympathize with her situation. She seems like a child that is desperately reaching out for help. I wish the best for her and Jace and commend her mom for giving her tough love and at the same time not throwing her by the wayside. Jenelle will get it together eventually. Hopefully before to much damage is done to herself and those people around her that mean the most to her.

nonmember avatar restless

she's a train wreak. Toxic, and no ability to take responsibility for her actions. The pot addiction calms her down, but that tells you she has deeper medical issues and should be medicated for it. No one has helped her yet they like to film her. Jace is going to have deep psychological issues. sad is all it is !

DropZ... DropZoneMom

This bimbo is a Kardashian wanna-be.   How incredibly SAD & pathetic her little life is.   But the good thing is:  my 14-year-old recognizes what a loser piece of trash this girl (and all the others who have been on 'Teen Mom') are, and she is making it her goal to be NOTHING like them.   So thanks for that!  :)

nonmember avatar betty oberkiser

like jenelle t i dont think she has her pryorites in the rite place.she needs to step back away from all guys find who she is as a persone and what she wants out of life for her and her son.ima 44 year old woman i have een threr done that.shes a little missed up she just needs to take time to he self

nonmember avatar Raul Allegre

Jenelle and most of the teen moms would do well to just simplify their lives - stay off Twitter, stay off Facebook, stop dating/having sex, stop disappearing from your mom/son for days at a time, stop going to Ke$ha concerts and stop doing drugs/drinking. Just focus on yourself and your family and you'll realize all the other things aren't really that important. Jenelle is just totally out of control.

nonmember avatar joe diaz

she cheated i saw her with another guy at 4 am

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