Britney Spears May Be Fired as 'X Factor' Judge Because She Just Wasn't Crazy Enough

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Britney SpearsI've never been a fan of The X Factor, but when I first heard that Britney Spears was joining the show as a judge I was like, sweet, they hired the wackiest chick in the entertainment biz. What'll Brit-Brit do? Shave her head? Hit the contestants with an umbrella? Flash her crotch, talk in an inexplicable British accent, and pound a bag of Cheetos while gyrating around with an albino python? My god, the options are endless! I AM TOTALLY GOING TO WATCH THAT CRAPPY-LOOKING SHOW SO HARD NOW!

Of course, she did none of these things, because this is the New Britney Spears. The well-behaved, vagina-covering, Purple-Drank-abstaining Britney Spears. The possibly heavily medicated Britney Spears.

Sadly for viewers, the new Britney Spears is … well, kind of boring. So boring, in fact, word on the street is that she's about to lose her X Factor gig. According to a source, producers are seriously pissed they paid her $15 million to "to say 'amazing' and offer half-claps."

No one's confirming anything yet, but I wouldn't be remotely surprised to see Britney get the boot. These singing competition shows can't seem to settle on long-term judges for anything, and maybe that's on purpose -- swapping out judges each season keeps viewers coming back just to see if the new faces add anything new to the increasingly tired format. Plus, the never-ending rumor-mongering creates free press for the shows. I mean, did you hear that an West African manatee is going to join American Idol? They're supposedly making a special tank and everything!*

(*Total bullshit. OR IS IT???)

Still, it's got to be way more fun when you have all the power in your contract negotiations because you're such a popular judge. In Britney's case, fellow judge and show co-creator Simon Cowell is reportedly more than a little disappointed in the blah Britney he hired, and plans to hand over her pink slip any day now.

Poor Britney, if this was supposed to be her big comeback it really didn't work in her favor. On the other hand, she pulled in $15 MILLION DOLLARS for one season's worth of sitting her non-crazy ass in a chair. Hello, winning. And while she may not be remembered for the energy she put into her judging, her facial expressions made history:

The girl has really put her best face forward – and by "best," we mean worst. She cringes, she pouts, she gasps, she stares vapidly, and she constantly makes duckface at the camera. But no look was more priceless than the face she made when it was revealed that Fifth Harmony beat out Emblem3 for a spot in the finale.

Via Buzzfeed

Are you surprised that Britney Spears might be getting fired from X Factor? Do you think she earned her paycheck this season?

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nonmember avatar B. Du Faur

I found some of the comments above very distasteful. But some of the things said are right on. Anyway, it's not that spears wasnt "crazy" enough. It's that she was awful as a judge. Completely mono-syllabic and dull. Yes she makes big facial expressions in reaction to things.but its the way she purses her mouth and lips and face in a way- generally- that is very unappealing. It's hard to explain but there is something she does with her face and mouth when she talks that very much takes away from her good looks. It's very odd. It's something constricted. she's stilted. Unnatural. It's like she has to pump out her few little amount of words hard and oh my goodness that strangulated voice that she has. No wonder her singing voice has that deep, unnatural forcedness to it. Her speaking voice has the same thing. it's so affected. A false strainingness. And she said certain words or things ad nauseum. "it was very entertaining". She said that a million times for a million different things. She never added to anything with her comments like jennifer lopez so brilliantly does. Few words and she was flat. She elucidated nothing. Sometimes i wanted to waive my hand in front of her face as if to say "are you really there?" sometimes spears seemed like the mature one but overall spears' performance as a judge was just lacking. Not her forte. Not presenting her in an appealing light...

nonmember avatar Lacey

I wouldn't say that she's boring, since I don't watch the show...but does anyone take into account that SHE may be the one that's bored with this gig? O.o I do miss the pre-"crazy" Brit Brit, though. Sigh. She was goofy, silly, and adorable. Now, she's just...normal. I suspect that she's on a high dosage of medication. I mean, whatever keeps her from going off the deep end again, I'm okay with that.

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