'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Husband Reveals His True (Crazy) Colors in Out-of-Control Rant

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Jenelle EvansCall me naive. Or just call me optimistic. I keep hoping Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is going to get her act in gear, make some good choices, and straighten out for little Jace. But it's looking like her quickie marriage to "old friend" Courtland Rogers is just another hop back into the same old bucket of crazy she's been fishing in for years.

Courtland sounded an awful lot like ghosts of Jenelle's past when he went off on a crazy Twitter rant this week. Remember Gary Head, one-time fiance and infamous Twitter ranter extraordinaire? He's got nothing on Courtland's mess of gay slurs and nasty.

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In the midst of a custody battle with his own ex over daughter Jordan, Courtland apparently did not get to see his child on Christmas. Hey, it happens. I can't say that it wouldn't kill most of us, but custody arrangements kept many good parents away from their kids this holiday.

Unfortunately that didn't keep infamous Jenelle heckler James Duffy from taking Courtland to task over it. The guy came off -- as per usual -- like a jerk for his criticism. But there's the classy way to handle it, and then there's the way Jenelle's cast of crappy guys tends to respond. Courtland blew up like Mount St. Helens circa 1980:

u lame ass greezy headed uptight faggot dick puffin dirty old man with no life !! O yea now I remember …# lame

Really? And this is the guy who Jenelle thinks will make a fab stepfather for Jace? This is the guy who is supposed to keep her on the straight and narrow?

Like it or not, we are judged on the words we used in public. People who talk like Courtland -- or type like him in this instance -- lack more than a filter on the mouth. They lack a setting on the moral compass that indicates that sort of language is simply unacceptable. Sadly, that's usually an indicator of what else is off on said compass.

If Jenelle wants to straighten up and fly right, she needs someone who can help her find true north. Sounds like she's got to throw this fish back in the sea and start over.

Do you think Courtland is good for Jenelle or is he just another one in her line of spectacularly bad choices?


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Sadie... Sadie0711

Sure, what he said might have been out of line; but what gives you the right to go on some judgy, sanctimonious rant about it? It doesn't make you any better. It really doesn't.

Spooky80 Spooky80

jenelle and her husband are both trash

proud... proudmomma6804

Jenelle isn't capable of making good decisions period. I feel bad for her little boy as his is the one who will ultimately suffer for her inability to see past herself.

nonmember avatar melina678

"Out-of-control rant"...? Are you serious? I was reading the top few paragraphs before which lead me to believe he went absolutely nuts on Duffy...and that was it? Perhaps I have a very different view on what lack of control means. No doubt he used vulgar language that could offend others. No doubt he should censor himself and show some maturity in the face of those trying to get under his skin. However, he is also an adult. He is going to get angry, he is going to curse and he isnt going to always behave perfectly.

mommyg97 mommyg97

Poor jenelle. She really can't see what is in front of her. How could he better her life? You need to find better than you not the same or a downgrade!

keriley1 keriley1

I fail to see the super crazy statement I was expecting. Way to amp it up for zero reason. : /

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