Brandi Glanville's Lonesome Christmas Was 'Merry' Fun for LeAnn Rimes

brandi glanvilleSome people put all their shit aside on Christmas. Some people think to themselves on December 25: "You know what? It's a holiday; a time to be grateful -- I'm not gonna be a jerk today." But others? Not so much. Apparently, this year, Brandi Glanville's sons -- Mason and Jake -- were with their father, Eddie Cibrian, and stepmom, LeAnn Rimes, on Christmas morning. And, understandably, that was a dagger to the heart for Brandi. So she did what any Real Housewife would do: She tweeted. Glanville wrote: "Nothing worse than waking up Christmas morning without ur babys :(" Oof. Whether you like her or not, it's hard not to feel bad for Brandi.

Unless of course you're LeAnn Rimes. In which case you just tweet about how awesome your morning is going.

Not sure if LeAnn happened to see Brandi's tweet or not (she totally did), but the singer wrote: "Merry Christmas to all! We just finished opening gifts and now pancakes for breakfast. Hope you all have a great day." And then later on she wrote: "Hope everyone had a merry Christmas, we did!!! Headed to Nashville w/ the fam to see my dad and bonus mom. Should be fun!!"

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I mean, come on. LeAnn and Brandi obviously hate each other's guts, but was it really necessary for LeAnn to rub in how great her holiday with Brandi's kids was? That's just mean. If you really want the world to think of you on Christmas, how about a simple "Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas" tweet? It's great that LeAnn had an amazing, family-filled day with Eddie and the kids, but Brandi was alone. And that's sad.

If LeAnn Rimes is trying to get everyone on her side amidst this asinine war with Brandi Glanville, she's going to need better tactics. Tweeting about how great life is is something all celebrities do -- but when it's at the expense of someone else, not cool, Rimes, not cool.

What do you think of LeAnn's tweets?

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nonmember avatar Debbie

Hey LeAnn...? can u be a bigger bitch....? naw, didn't think so.....

imamo... imamombygrace

Leann makes it really hard to like or lend any sympathy to her. She seems like a very immature and vindictive person.

nonmember avatar Bec

I'm sure LeAnn could care less what Brandi says/does. Especially what she Tweets. What do you expect her to do? Stop living because Brandi is alone?? I believe Brandi later tweeted that her boys were home and THEY were having a wonderful time. Which is wonderful. I'm sure LeAnn isn't upset about that. LeAnn is obviously living her life to the fullest, enjoying every moment of it with Eddie and making those boys feel special when they're with her. This isn't about sides and being mean. It's about Brandi needing attention and getting it because she doesn't know when to log off social media and just be happy. Bitterness isn't attractive especially on her.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

I liked her before she got with Eddie. Now I think she's a total bitch.

nonmember avatar D. Wheeler

You know what? I've been there on Christmas morning without my babies and it is VERY painful and difficult! LeAnn needs to back off. And it sure doesn't speak much for Eddie's integrity...why would he allow his wife to do continue with these hurtful tweets? They both need to have more respect for the children involved and their mother....doesn't matter how much you dislike one another. Leave the kids out of it! Period!!!

bills... billsfan1104

Why should Leann shut up or not say a word? Brandi is acting like a cry baby

nonmember avatar maryanne daly

First of all after seeing her on X-Factor I would not want her near my children! Love you Brandi!

Gavin... GavinGrandma

KARMA is a bitch!!  Just saying

nonmember avatar Tonya

Leeann will eventually get what's coming. You can't cause the pain she has and not end up without a bitch slap from karma.

nonmember avatar Lisa

Leann is disgusting. Her interview on E made me hate her even more.. If that's at all possible.

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