Chris Brown & Rihanna Spoil Christmas With Their Sick Relationship

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For those of you keeping track at home, it was barely a week ago that Chris Brown tweeted a picture of himself with Rihanna, looking like a happy couple, even though Rihanna was sunning herself solo in Barbados, and the week before that, she'd tweeted out a series of cryptic messages like "Examine what you tolerate" that sounded suspiciously like she'd given Chris the heave-ho.

But I think we know these two better than that. Because they love nothing more than this relationship roller coaster ride and all its resulting publicity. So there they were: Lakers game. Courtside. Christmas Day. Proving these two are madly in love (with the cameras). Sick!

The on-off couple spent Christmas Day together at a Lakers-Knicks basketball game. Because nothing says "we're a publicity hungry pair" like courtside seats. (See: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.)

At this point, I'm fairly convinced that these two are together purely for the publicity it generates. In fact, it may be one big fake-o relationship, so fake it makes the Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries nuptials look like your great-grandparents' wedding ceremony.

To wit: Christina Milian, who apparently hangs out with this group, has gone on record saying that so far as she knows, Chris Brown's girlfriend is model Karrueche Tran. And even after Brown made a "videogram" declaring his drunken love for both Karrueche and Rihanna, and then he supposedly broke up with Karrueche, Brown's driver was spotted giving Karreuche money for gas. Then a couple of weeks ago, Brown was reportedly spotted in Paris with his ex-girlfriend. That's when Rihanna began sending out passive aggressive tweets.

I think these two PR-loving hounds know exactly how to keep themselves in the gossip columns. Are they in love? Sure. This is love to them. When the cameras go away, they'll figure out they're not.

Do you think Chris and Rihanna are really together?

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Karis... Karissa_ruiz

Maybe the just wanted to go see a game? Who knows! Either way it feels like you're making a big deal out of nothing. Being celebrities they're always going to be in the publics eye and pics will be snapped on them everywhere they go.

Maleka87 Maleka87

Sorry but any woman who would give the time of day to a man who beat her a damn fool. Period.

nonmember avatar Claudia

What a fool she looks like now...after saying she would never go back, etc. What ashame, Rihanna has no dignity!

Jess1... Jess10210

Some women live for men who treat them like shit. they love the drama, the chase, they love what's forbidden. not my problem, she's not my sister or friend so why the f does it matter?

nonmember avatar Sandra Renee Hi

Greetings -

They spoiled Christmas for who? You? How pathetic that their actions affect you so much...

Only GOD is perfect. He also forgives and has mercy...

nonmember avatar Jai

Well in their defense most celebs do sit courtside and I dont ever remember her saying she wouldnt go back, but I do remember her giving the answer along the lines of "you never know, I will never say never because who knows", but yes I do think they are well aware of the publicity they are getting from their love affair.

nonmember avatar Alex

Why do you care what these two are doing? Or with whom they do it...Perhaps you should spend more time minding your business and worrying about your own personal lives and let these two do the same. They didn't ruin my Christmas. She forgave him and they seem to be happy. Why must they be judged? Lord only knows that should stranger make a comment about the state of your pesonal life you would be in a snit. People need to stop judging celebrities like they are some paragons of virtue who let us all down. They are human beings and deserve the same privacy and respect we demand ourselves.

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

Damn, Alex for someone who comments about a gossip site you sure seem all about privacy. They are dumb celebities who tweet all their business to the world. I have seen rihanna naked this year more than I've seen myself. If you are a public figure you open yourself up to the scrutiny of others.

nonmember avatar Bucie

They do lv each other judging everything they hv been through together,That why Chris is saying please dont judge him.

nonmember avatar Bridge

Haters, haters please give it a break already. It was 4 YEARS AGO..COUNT THEM 1,2,3,4. They have moved on and choosing to be happy now. Relationships are a work in progress no matter who you are. Did any of you haters buy any of their music? Are you true fans of either of them? Seriously. You want to continue to spew the hate and negativity. She has forgiven him like you want GOD to forgive you for your mistakes. Leave them alone, Chris did not hit you. Rihanna never said she wouldn't go back to Chris nor does she look like a fool for doing so. Believe it or not, only haters look like fools. Your life is calling you so go get it!

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