Kris Jenner’s Latest Move Should Have Bruce Demanding a Divorce

kris jenner bruce jennerThere's Bruce, behind Khloe's head.I'll say it: I hope that Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner get a divorce. I know! It's so mean, but I can't help it. I want Bruce to save himself. I want him to run off into the sunset with his little helicopters and his Olympic medals and forget that he ever was a part of the Kardashian family. He's like an abused puppy around them, and I just want more for him. I want him to be free. Take this photo for example. There's Khloe in the front row next to Kris watching Lamar's game, then there's Kim and Kanye, and then there's Bruce, in the blurry distance, behind Khloe's head, all alone. Poor doggy.

Believe it or not, Bruce was sitting next to Kris at the game until Kimye showed up. Then he was relegated to the background. Let Kim and Kanye get their picture taken courtside! Let them get all the perks! Let them sit next to Kris so she can share some of the spotlight! And let Bruce go, tail between his legs, into oblivion.

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If you didn't think I was going to make generalizations about the inner workings of Kris and Bruce's relationship based on this one photo, then you are sorely mistaken.

It's just, it's like, I mean, that's how it always seems to go for Bruce. He always comes in second. Watching him on Keeping Up With the Kardashians is like watching a mouse scrounge around in the sawdust of a snake pit, except that the snakes are more verbally and emotionally abusive than physically ... and wear really fancy shoes.

I hope for Bruce's sake that's just the show's editing, but still, this photo is pretty much the epitome of how I view his and Kris' relationship -- Bruce in the back, Kim up front.

Do you ever feel sorry for Bruce?


Photo via Splash News



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amiec... amiecanflie

I think absolutely everyone loves Bruce - BUT Kris. He's such a sweet guy and he is a great dad to all the girls and Rob. :/ 

Autum... Autumnjean26

Maybe that's why their relationship works for them though. He's content being on the sidelines and doing whatever he wants. He let's Kris have all the control.

nonmember avatar Guest

@Christie-Are you crazy?! People would still know Bruce Jenner without them. He is an olympic champion. Lets not forget that the Kardashians only came to be known because of Robert representing O.J. Simpson in his trial. Then they started doing trashy things and got a show to stay relavent.

I feel bad for the men who would think about marrying Kim. She is a clone of Kris and everyone sees it. She will be just like her mother. But Kanye is off his rocker so they make a good couple they are into themselves and love the publicity.

Bruce is famous for a reason, he did something other than take his clothes off, sleep with tons of athletes, make a sex tape, and so on and so forth.

Venae Venae

Wrong, Christie - everyone who saw the 1976 Olympics knows who Bruce is - a gold medal decathlon Champion.  The only reason anyone knows who Kris is = whoring out her kids; except for Kim - who whored her own self out - resulting in that awful sex tape (yeah, that girl really knows how to lay there) = the only reason anyone knows who she is.

nonmember avatar Paula

nextI think it's just disgusting thAt Kris Jenner thinks it's more important to be front row than to be sitting next to her husband. It looks like Khloe's friend was there also so she should be sitting next to her friend not next to her friends dad. So egotistical of Kris Jenner she could care less about anyone else


Slow day @ the Stir,and I fell for it ,but since I'm here;he picked her as judge Judy would say.

nonmember avatar ...

Who writes this garbage? who the f^$# are you to judge someone's marriage? Oh, you want more for him. Maybe he is actually happy and it's all bullcrap for the cameras? I hate people like you "I hope they get divorced"...well I really hope you (the person who wrote this sensless drivel) go play in traffic.

ericabb ericabb

How do you know he didn't offer to let Kim sit next to her mom?!

There are plenty of people who know who Bruce Jenner is without the Kardashians, and some of us are too young to have ever seen him compete.  ;o)

curly... curlygirl31

Bruce was famous long before the Kardashians stupid

nonmember avatar Jenny

Actually the pics from earlier in the game Bruce and Kris are sitting side by side and laughing and smiling. Once Kim K and Kanye arrived he jumped up and moved back so that they could sit together and Kim could talk to her mom. Nothing wrong with that!!

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