Katy Perry & John Mayer Get Kinky With Santa Suit (PHOTO)

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john mayer santaKaty Perry and John Mayer have given us something to truly believe in this holiday season. The duo, who like to play with our minds and heartstrings by breaking up and then getting back together, were very much in the holiday spirit this year with Mayer getting all dressed up like Santa Claus, no doubt causing Perry's ex Russell Brand to get jealous. Perry tweeted the photo of Mayer in full Christmas gear (except the beard but with a sexy self-grown mustachio) with the caption "Santa Baby." Where is his left hand?!?

Can't you just picture Brand really getting a kick out of being a naughty St. Nick? Perry's totally over that dude and her wonderland of a body is now being worshipped by the John Mayer. I have visions of sugarplums dancing in my head with these two -- and visions of Katy in a very skimpy Mrs. Claus suit. I believe in Santa and I believe in John and Katy and I believe they had very kinky sex that night.

According to what I've read, I feel I'm in the minority in liking John Mayer. Yes, he seems like the kinkmaster general, perhaps a little sleazy, but you know what I like in my men? Kinkmaster generals and some sleazy sensibilities to keep things interesting in the bedroom. Settling down with a guy like John Mayer sort of guarantees good loving for a lifetime.

I'm not even a fan of his music either -- though I will admit that "Daughters" is an incredible song and the man is very talented with his hands ... I mean on guitar.

And Katy ... how could you not love her wide-eyed enthusiasm about life and how she likes to lick popsicles. These two are meant to be together. Much more than Brand and Perry. Much more than Mayer and Simpson/Aniston/Swift/Hewitt. The man is just sexy. The two of them have wild sex and ugly Christmas sweater parties. These are signs the Perry + Mayer pairing is going to last.

What do you think of Katy and John together again and tweeting sexy photos of John in a Santa suit?

Image via Katy Perry

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