George Takei Gives '50 Shades of Grey' Its Most Hilarious Celebrity Reading Yet (VIDEO)

george takei 50 shadesFifty Shades of Grey memes are everywhere you turn, so it's no wonder that the King of Facebook Memes, Star Trek's Sulu, aka George Takei, is now throwing his hat in the ring. His buddy Gilbert Gottfried turned Takei onto E.L. James' erotic novel, and he decided to do his very own YouTube reading of the book's steamier bits. Yes, it's pretty funny. And a bit aaaawkward. But mostly really funny.

The video also features Takei's husband Brad Altman, who, from another room, seems to think his honey keeps saying, "Oh my!" due to gas troubles. Little does he know ...!

Check it out ...


Yeah, outside of our exclusive mom blogger and CafeMom staff roundup, this has to be one of my fave readings of the book by far. If only because Takei clearly has such a fabulous sense of humor about it, and it hilariously mimics how redundant James' language and catchphrases in the book can be. I'm sure I'm not alone in wondering just how many times Ana actually says, "Oh my!" ... or "crap!" or "holy ..." or "jeez," etc.

Let's face it. As awesome as their readings were, stars like Ellen, Gilbert, Morgan Freeman, and even Kristen Stewart have nothin' on George Takei!

Which celeb reading of the book has been your fave so far?


Image via allegiancebway/YouTube

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