‘RHONY’ Cast Might Be Shaken Up AGAIN Next Season & This Time They Better Fire Ramona

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Who wants Ramona to be kicked off?
With Bravo, the hits just keep on coming. After learning today that Andy Cohen and his brilliant little elves are working on getting Kim D. to be a cast member on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we're getting yet another holiday treat with the rumor that the cast of The Real Housewives of New York may be tinkered with, as well.

Fancy a game of charades? OK, TV. Eight words, 13 syllables.

Yes! You guessed it! The phrase was: Get Ramona Singer Off of My TV, ASAP.

I knew you'd get it. Knew it.

We can only hope Bravo hears our pleas, because the insider who's talking isn't saying what the cast shake-up might look like. They did, however, gently reminded everyone that this last season of The Real Housewives of New York was the second-lowest rated season ever, and that all execs over at the clubhouse care about are ratings.

A network executive told The Huffington Post:

It's very simple: Shows like 'Housewives' are about ratings. It’s not a high-class show like 'Mad Men' that wins awards and appeals to top-notch advertisers. That’s why such a dramatic ratings drop is so devastating.

LOL, the show's no Mad Men.

Anyway, filming of season six has been pushed back from January to the end of February to give those big wigs a chance to figure out the best move, but, here's all they need to know.

Throw Aviva Drescher and her dad overboard. They're borderline abhorrent people who need to go. Give LuAnn the boot, too, because we're over her fake ass, and give Ramona 10 cases of wine and she'll be too tipsy to realize the cameras aren't around anymore. Problem solved.

Keep Heather Thomson because she was the only voice of reason, and definitely keep Carole Radziwill because she's everything. Just, everything. And Sonja Morgan can stay, I guess, as well.

Cast three new people -- maybe pull a RHOBH and get an F-list celeb to sign on a la Kyle Richards and Yolanda Foster? -- and who knows, maybe Bethenny Frankel wants back in. That'd be sweet.

But, whatever happens, please, no Jill Zarin. Just, no.

What do you want to see changed with the RHONY?


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Pinkmani Pinkmani

I like the Heather, Carole, Ramona, Sonja, and Bethenny combo...

nonmember avatar Kristin

I have to say I agree with everything you said! Well...almost. I actually like Ramona still. I think her and Sonja are great together and I think she undeniably brings the drama. I also need to emphasize- I couldn't agree more- GET RID OF AVIVA & her father too!!!! Love Carole and Heather as well :)

Carol Norrie


Angela Gatts

Love all the suggested changes......totally on board except I would love to see Jill brought back.

dusti... dustinsmom1

Get rid of Aviva!!!!! i like Ramona, Love Sonja and her together...Id like to see Bethany back

Marie Napolitano Rinaldi

I don't care for any HW who winds up being the "lightening rod" for the entire show.  It got exhausting watching all the "housewives" gang up on Ramona, season after season.  I watched the past season of NY to give it a chance, it wasn't bad...it's reality tv, afterall...we want the fights and turmoil or we wouldn't watch... I like Ramona, Heather, Sonja and Carole... and I tolerate LuAnn and would love to see Bethenny Frankel return...which would probably never happen.  However, the one housewife I never whant to see return, and will stop watching RHONY, is Jill Zarin.


Karissa Michelle Skeens

I want to see Bethany, Jill, Heather, Carole, LuAnn and it would be crazy to see Alex and Simon again lol

Barbara Palaith-Newson

You may see a different Sonya without Ramona. I think it's time for a shakeup and let's see Sonya without Ramona! Carole I love! Aviva is boring. We did not learn much about her over the season..if she's not gonna share then why be on!

Davon Marquell Laurita

I don't think changing the cast every season is gonna get high ratings, they should have left the show the way it was before season 5 came along.

nonmember avatar JaneDoh

Ramona is a keeper....its improved since Bethanny left so why bring her back? Aviva who? Only thing I know about this wacko is her dads a perv and she's got a prostetic leg.

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