Kristen Stewart Scares Ben Affleck Out of Starring With Her in New Movie

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ben affleckSo, here are two things that are interesting. One, Kristen Stewart's doing a comedy, and two, Ben Affleck, who was also on board to star in said comedy, dropped out of the project just a few days after KStew confirmed she was in. The movie, called Focus, is about an experienced grifter (formerly going to be played by Ben) and his young, sexy protege (Kristen).

I don't know which intrigues me more: the fact that Kristen's landed a comedic role, or that Ben Affleck mysteriously bolted after hearing she was going to be his leading lady. What's he so afraid of?

If you ask his reps: nothing. He's just busy. Too busy. He's writing and directing and stuff and, oops, no longer has time for Focus.

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Sure, that could be entirely true, but on the other hand ... you know, maybe he doesn't want to ruin his Oscar-winning reputation by sharing a marquee with a tween heartthrob best known for biting her lip, biting others' necks, and sleeping with her director. Maybe Ben's worried she's too low-brow.

Or maybe he's worried working with Kristin could ruin his marriage. Apparently, the movie calls for the two of them to have passionate make-out scenes and there are a few instances where they'll be filmed in bed, right after they've "had sex." Ooh la la. Sounds steamy.

Not that anything could come between Ben and my beloved Jennifer Garner, but still, the timing of his drop-out is curious.

Who knows the real story behind Ben's decision to leave Kristen out there on her own, but one thing's for sure -- whoever is cast in Ben's place has huge, big-time-movie-star shoes to fill.

RPattz, anyone?

Do you think Ben's choice to leave Focus had anything to do with Kristen?


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Lulu2216 Lulu2216

Really? No I don't think it has anything to do with her. They had lunch a couple of times discussing the film, if he had a problem with her he probably wouldn't of been having a meeting with her in the first place.

kelli... kelli0585

PTSD from Gigli.  It nearly ruined him.

the4m... the4mutts

I blame her piss poor excuse for acting.

Mari Tan

Don't understand either why making movies nowaday needs a steamy sex scene.
No wonder so many couple in hollywood ruin their marriage life, can't separate what is fantasy and reality.  Must be a warning from Jennifer or Ben affraid of Kristen popularity. Why not replace Ben to Rob.

nonmember avatar MaryJane

Not cool to drop out like that and leave it open to speculations, guess he's above everybody else now. Hope they get some real funny guy this time. Disappointed in him for doing that to her.

nonmember avatar Curious

She's a great actor in my book. One hater says she can't act and there go all the morons on Twitter repeating/retweeting it just for attention lol. Wonder why that leader doesn't lead them all to jump of a bridge, we'd have less idiots to worry about.
Maybe he's the one with the history that the Mrs. cant trust who knows.

Christine Nicole Tait

Curious- You seriously think Kristen Stewart is a great actor? All I can say is

cleig... cleigh717

Lol I wonder why this chick is famous everytime I read her name. I'm clueless. You call making a movie with yur boyfriend while reading lines acting? Lol

Sharon Gibson Mullins

OMG when are you people ever gonna leave this girl alone and let her get on with her big deal Ben dropped out of the movie who cares he is really not all that any way...i dont know why people are always ragging on her saying she is a bad actress...i think she does a great job there are alot of actors and actress in hollywood that people think are great that really stink...guess everyone is entitled to their opinions...all i can say is go KRISTEN...

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