'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout's Baby Daddy Ryan Edwards Just Popped the Question

maci bookout ryan edwards bentleyJust when we thought it was safe to say that Maci Bookout and ex-fiance/baby daddy Ryan Edwards miiight be getting friendlier than usual in the wake of his breakup with longtime girlfriend Dalis Connell, Bentley's mom and dad began flirting up a serious storm on Twitter. And when I say serious, I mean SERIOUS -- as in, Ryan may have just made a marriage proposal. OMG!

Out of the blue, Ryan tweeted, "marry me!" to Maci, to which she responded with a confused, "ur s— got hacked BRO! outta ur mind haha." Ryan wrote, "I would never let happen," and when Maci responded with, "idk wat that means," he replied, "It means that I want to get on one knee and tell you how much I love you." Uh, wow?!

Thank goodness Maci responded the way I would hope any woman would to a Twitter proposal: By saying, "twitter is not the place. ima kill u." Ha. But whoa whoa whoa. Granted, they could totaaally be putting on a show and pulling our chains. Or Ryan is realizing that being with his reality star ex would magnify his own star power (a la Jef Holm?). Eww. But ruling those possibilities out, this is crazy huge evidence that they're on track to, at the very least, getting back together ... if not making their way down the aisle at some point sooner or later!

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Plenty of Maci fans would be thrilled to see her say "I do" to Ryan, if only because it could be stellar news for Baby Bentley. And it's possible that the differences that drove them apart four years ago -- when they were first struggling with teen parenthood -- have very much dissipated by now. After all, they've both grown up quite a bit and learned a lot about themselves while being in different relationships. So maaaybe another go could actually work. Maybe they're destined to be one big happy family! So sweet.

But in order for that to happen, Ryan's definitely gotta do at least one more thing ... take his grand declarations of true love offline!

Are you psyched for these two?

Image via MTV

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Whit1... Whit143Jason

Please.... It's all for T.V, money and ratings! Poor Bentley...

Crystal-Hackathorne Jenkins

So EXCITED I have been hoping they would get back together they really make a wonderful couple and i still see the love they have for each other. You go Ryan and Maci we love you!!!!!


Joyce Cat

all i would say is do what your heart says but all so rember the bad thingshe say to you my q is do u still love him that much

abra819 abra819

oh hell no, he treats her like crap. but then again, what do I really care...

shell... shellyplatz

he is so mean to her all the time why does anyone want her to live her life like that?

Jessica Dotson

No!! He was sooo mean to her! He was just calling her names in front of Bentley and they weren't even together then.

Torra... TorranceMom

A leopard can't change his spots. If Ryan in real life is anything like the way he was portrayed on '16 & Pregnant' and 'Teen Mom,' Maci should pass on his "proposal" and focus on healthy co-parenting.

Jacobet Jacobet

I think they are just doing this to help their chances in getting a spin off show.

Cyber... Cybermama76

Hoping this is true, love these two together.  Thinking they've grown and matured and are ready!


nonmember avatar Ari

Would much rather see her with Kyle, who actually treated her well and interacted with Bentley. Every time you see Ryan and Bentley together his (Ryan's) parents are doing all the work.

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