‘RHONJ’ Casts Familiar Face to Be Teresa Giudice’s Insane Partner in Crime Next Season

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kim d rhonjThe evil geniuses over at Bravo aren't resting on their laurels this holiday season; instead they're slowly stirring a pot of drama-stew for us to enjoy sometime in the new year. Rumor has it that Kim D. is going to join the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Yes, that bottle-bleached blonde who owns the saddest little strip mall boutique ironically named Posche, who conspired with Teresa Giudice to set up Melissa Gorga, and who, as Joe Gorga pointed out, allegedly snorts coke in her free time and hangs out with "the big boys", is coming to the dirty Jerz.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, this is the best news since I heard Danielle Staub was returning. Having Kim D. on the show is going to be like Christmas every day, except instead of opening a pretty sweater, we'll watch strung-out Kim D. open a can of whoop-ass on anyone who tries to take her screen time.

Nothing's been confirmed, but a source says Bravo's working out the kinks in Kim D.'s contract because, well, they're afraid that if all their Ts aren't crossed, the other housewives will quit since, you know, Kim D. is pretty much the worst.

But! She makes great TV. She was willing to sell her soul on the RHONJ last year and she wasn't even getting a salary to do so. Imagine what she'll be capable of when she's getting a Bravo paycheck.

Truth of the matter is Bravo kind of needs Teresa to have an ally next season. Everyone in their right mind hates Teresa, and if she's all alone, it just feels kind of sad to beat up on her. She needs an equally immoral and self-serving buddy so that we feel like she's "supported."

Enter Kim D.

This is going to be amazing.

Do you want Kim D. to be a RHONJ cast member?


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Austin Keenan

No.   Her role last season was too over the top contrived.    It's clear that she's  baiting people just to create drama.

Samfan97 Samfan97

I agree with Austin. She and Teresa are just nasty and ridiculous. I will probably not be tuning in as this past season was way too trashy for me. Really, a husband calling his wife the "c" word and people plotting to try to ruin their family's reputation? No thanks.

nonmember avatar Kristen Edwards

Get rid of kim d and Teresa for good! No one likes them. Add Kathy's sister Rosie instead

Pam Kimball

If I was on the cast, I would also quit, or if my contract was already signed, I would be the biggest bore on the show.  Why do they keep messing with the housewives?  Leave things alone.  Everytime they mess with them the show then sucks.

Linda King


Bobbi Jean

She is fowl....I will not watch if they cast her! OR DANIELLE!!!


nonmember avatar ruthless1

They desperately need to add someone who can be more evil and obnoxious than Teresa so they can rehab her image in time for her "my husband is in jail and I am on my own" spin off. Good luck with that. Not even boringly fake Kim D can make teresa look good, Bravo. Yuck.

Cheryl Ehrhart

I will watch and be so grateful I don't know anyone as nuts as these people.  They are so outragous that it's impossible to turn away.


Lucille Mason

  guess,i'm not in my right mind, because i like tersa and want her  cleared. everyone knows she was setup.kim is  a two faced  phoney,she talks to wacko  jacko for hrs every morning,so we  know this  bravo and andy  are up to no good.  andy,we can also see how you talk and look at teresa,when she's on your show,you can't hiding your feelings, we know you don't like her. but if it wasn't for  teresa, the show would  bomb. people are sick of red faced caroline and her kids, she ended up to be the witch, maybe it  wasn't all danielle after all.

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