‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer’s Breakup Advice Is Hard to Hear but True (VIDEO)

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Leah messerTeen Mom Leah Messer has had her fair share of relationship drama. After having twin girls with Corey Simms and getting married, she wanted so badly for the two of them to be happy and make things work. The truth, though, was that she wasn't happy and she couldn't fake it anymore. In a new MTV video, Messer admits that sometimes you just need to know when to let go.

Man, for a girl that's only 20 years old, it seems like she's learning one of love's hardest lessons early on.

When things just aren't working, ending a relationship is hard. If it's difficult, it means that although you may not have said it, you love that person. You probably have so many amazing memories with that person that you'd love to live over and over again. Inside your heart of hearts, you want to believe that your love for one another can outlast whatever silly hardships you're facing together and you can beat it.

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The truth is, though, that sometimes wanting to fix things isn't enough. You start to wonder, why isn't this person who tells me they want things to be better trying to make them better? The big question faces you head-on: Is staying in this relationship making me happier, or more sad? Yes, lying to yourself is easy. Saying you can handle it and trying to believe things will just go back to bliss, well, it's not realistic.

Yes, pulling the plug does hurt, but the reality of it all is so does staying in a relationship that doesn't make you feel fulfilled. Everyone deserves to find love and be loved. Maybe at another time, you and this person can make it work. Maybe for now, you just need to breathe. Trust me, though, walking away takes strength and, ultimately just like Leah, you'll be better for it.

Watch Leah talk about what once was, here:

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Have you ever had to walk away from someone you loved because you knew the relationship wasn't good for you?


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Alain... Alainalynn

Personally, I wouldnt take relationship advice from someone who was married for six months and quickly moved on to be married to someone new within a year. But thats just me.

nonmember avatar Lisa

That girl is to big of a ho bag to be giving advice. She won't stay with the current dummy long.

Jasmin Blossom

that is why i will never get married that way the only person i have to blame is me

Ronni Gonnella

Uhh Pretty sure she cheated.  A relationship built on lies will almost never work.  But like Alainalynn said, who takes relationship advice from someone married 6 months and married again less than a year later.

nonmember avatar Samantha

Why in the world would you marry twice at such a young age? Im 21 with a 2 yr old daughter, and as much as id like to be married & have a stable family life, im not stupid enough to legally tie myself to someone this early on. I dont want to get married until i KNOW that its going to work out. Until i KNOW that person is just as dedicated as i am and loves me as much as i love them. Until i KNOW that person is 100% compatible with me AND my daughter. Theres too many things to figure out & too much at stake to get caught up in emotions & make rash decisions.

nonmember avatar Gennifer

Well personally I know what Leah is going through and all who judge her (DO NOT judge less be judged) As for her bejng married 6 months maybe corey and her tried couseling maybe it didnt work maybe they were fightig alot WE dont know the full story only hey do. As for not getting married I dont know about that ill say I loved being married but over the years its gotten rough my husband doesnt want couseling and for me its not worth it in 2013 I am 25 and have been marrisd 9 years he has cheated I forgave and ive tried to make things work for years. I dont think anybody who hasnt been through marriage will ever understand what its like to be married and to feel comfortable with this person you know the oerson inside out and its the hardest thing. You saw Corey give up lots on the show to leah but in the divorce did it get bitter or did they just leave it how it was. In my divorce its going to get ugly not on my end but on his because he feels I shouldnt have anything. I was a teen mom at 16 so I just feel for leahcheating or not I wish her and Jeremy he best of luck and those kids have been put first which is really nice and shows maturity so I wish everyone would get off her back unless you been there done that you have no clue and unless you were her you have no clue

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