Team Jolie: Don't Bring Up Jen's Name!

Changeling, Universal

Photo by: Universal

Angelina Jolie will talk about anything with the press...except Jennifer Aniston! Celebitchy reports that Team Jolie nixed all questions about Brad's ex-wife during her Changeling press tour. Snap! I understand how Angelina feels about her man's ex but she's been pretty open about her affair with Brad Pitt while he was married!


The Entertainment Buzz poll asking moms to choose Team Aniston or Team Jolie was pretty clear.  A whopping 63% of those who answered picked Jennifer Aniston! 

What do you think of Angelina's reluctance to talk about Jennifer Aniston after dishing it up with the press over her affair with Brad? It seems to me like Angelina wants to have it both ways.  What do you think?

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