'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout & Baby Daddy Are Flirting Again -- Could They Be Back Together?

ryan edwards maci bookoutAfter Teen Mom Maci Bookout broke up with Kyle King AGAIN, she said she was perfectly happy being single. But it's starting to look like that may not be the case for long. Maci's ex and baby daddy Ryan Edwards recently split from his long-time girlfriend Dalis Connell, and it seems like overnight, he's become BFF with Maci. Not only were they spotted bar hopping this past weekend, but Maci has also been bonding via Twitter with Ryan's mom, Jennifer Edwards. (After Maci offered her some red Roscato, Jennifer tweeted, "We may need a girls night," to which Maci replied, "Yes we do!") Innnnteresting timing -- considering that Dalis accused Maci of sending flirty texts to Ryan only a couple months back.

Granted, Ryan is Bentley's dad, and Jennifer is Bentley's grandmother, so it would seem to follow that they would all be well-served by acting at least civil with one another. But this seems to be a whole new level of friendly all around. And I do mean ALL around!

Because now Maci and Ryan's respective exes, Kyle and Dalis, have been reportedly getting cozy to boot! Yup. The exes -- who Wetpaint has gone so far to call Team Dyle, ha! -- were spotted getting cozy at a Nashville club, and then they were seemingly flirting on Twitter.

"If someone would bring me white chocolate covered strawberries right now.. I would love you forever," Dalis tweeted, to which Kyle responded with a cryptic "maybe."

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Seriously, what a tangled web these former flames are weaving! Dr. Drew would have a field day with them right now, huh?

But, all right, if there really is a major partner switch at play here, maybe it's for the best! I'm not so sure about Maci and Ryan trying to make a second go of it ... Sure, it would be sweet for Bentley, but then again, maybe not. There had to be a reason they couldn't make it work the first time. And hasn't she already learned that it's called a breakup because it's broken ...  a few times over?

On the other hand, Kyle and Dalis could actually make a cute match. After all, exes of a former couple may have more in common than you'd think. Or they may only have a shared interest in making the former couple jealous. (Sounds like a romantic comedy -- or soap opera -- gone wrong, right?) At any rate, when it comes to this wacky group, who knows what's going on ... But I'm sure the truth will come bubbling to the surface sooner rather than later!

Could you see Maci and Ryan back together? How 'bout Kyle and Dalis?

Image via MTV

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Spooky80 Spooky80

well....I think maci and ryan are trying to make kyle and dalis jealous and kyle and dalis are trying to make ryan and maci jealous, this is all just a bunch of high school kids drama LOL and i think its wrong of kyle and dalis to even be flirting with eachother they need to show some respect for maci and ryam both all dalis is after is money money money 

Tina Zenisek

Well, We all need to remember herethat Maci and Ryan did have Bentley real young. So yes, Maybe things didn't work out then but there has been a lot of growing up for both of them since then. So maybe they're ready to try again, even if they're not. Maybe they just need someone to talk to about the relationships that they can trust (hence each other) But whatever the case is, they're grown adults and can make their own decisions and I'm sure it'll be the right decision which ever they choose. People are so quick to judge and it makes me sick. They're grown adults and can make their own decisions. Let them be.

Amber Garza

It would be awesommmme if they got back together.

rocki... rockinmomnwife

I agree with Tina... they have grown up some and it may work out this time for them. I hope so for Bentley! He is SO cute!

Monica Cox

i agree, i think they were young when they had Bentley which adds a ton of unnecessary stress to a teenager. I think they have both always carried a flame for one another but neither wanted to admit it. Maybe it was bad timeing and now its PERFECT TIMING.

shell... shellyplatz

They don't need to be together, Ryan has been horrible to her and he's not going to change. which Kyle is Kyle King? The one she has known forever or the other one who was a dirt biker or something?


nonmember avatar Ashley

I think it would be great for Maci and Ryan back together. I also think MTV should come up with a show to continue following this paticular season if teen mom

Ashley Besner

i think it would be good for maci and ryan to get back together yea they broke up a few months after bentley was born but they was teens then they have grown up alot sence then and maybe now they can make it work and it will also be good for bentley to have both parents together again i'm rooting for them

Tschayo Moon

OMG that would be the coolest story ever!!!!!!! I think they should go through with it, If both of their ex's got together and that would make their love even stronger to prove that hey we do love each other. I think they needed a few years to grow up i think they could make it now! :)

Tschayo Moon

they did always love eachother just either one of them wanted to admi it. I think now they could get back together and be good to each other.

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