Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy Divorce Is Going to Be Announced on Christmas

bethenny frankelIf one can ever describe a rumor as the most solid of its kind, then let me go ahead and call this gossip that Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy are getting a divorce the most valid iteration of the back-fence talk to date. Which is to say, guys, I think it's happening. Bethenny and Jason are done. She's been meeting with lawyers, he's been on golf trips ... the signed paperwork dissolving their marriage is imminent.

Here's what the source is saying.

They claim Bethenny's "meeting with lawyers and just figuring out the next steps," and that "it’s over.” A second source says they've had an "exit plan in mind for months," and continues, "it’s really just a matter of when they’ll file.”

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Anonymous tattle-talers aside, I'll say that my Bethenny/Jason divorce radar went off with the sound of a thousand sirens when Ms. Frankel appeared on Andy Cohen's show, Watch What Happens Live. Andy asked how Jason was and Bethenny said something to the effect of, "I don't know, he's always on golf trips", which, hello, pretty much says it all.

Also, the two reportedly spent months apart this summer while she tried to figure out her talk show gig. It would seem, wouldn't it, that the consensus was that time apart's a good thing.

So, since it's not a matter of if, but when they'll tell us they're no longer Mr. and Mrs., allow me to place my bet.

I predict that Bethenny and Jason's reps will confirm their split on Tuesday, December 25. Yup, Christmas. I think Bethenny's apt to believe her divorce is the most important one since Brad and Jen's, and will follow the celeb route of announcing a split on a major holiday in an attempt to dissuade interest and media attention.

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey announced their split on Thanksgiving, Big Bang star Mayim Bialik did the same this year.

If Bethenny and Jason don't announce on the 25th, than the 24th, for sure.

I'm rooting for them to stay together, I guess, since they have that adorable little girl Bryn, but after watching her show Bethenny Ever After and reading some of the gossip as of late, damn, maybe going their separate ways in the best thing for everyone.

Do think Bethenny and Jason are really, for real this time, getting a divorce?


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dez0717 dez0717

I can't say that I will be shocked if it is annouced that they are divorcing, but I have to say I wish that they could have worked it out, they seemed very cute together, and the one who will really lose in this whole thing is thier daughter. 

CAP1015 CAP1015

It must be near impossible to live your life under either a real or percieved microscope. I've always been a big Bethenny fan (I'm a guy) and I wish her well.  I can see how Jason could grow unhappy, my goodness Bethenny got $125 million for her skinny girl brand and instead of riding off in the sunset and being happy or devoting to causes, it seemed to propel her to a new level of wanting to "succeed" again.  I'm not judging but that has to have had an effect.   I wish her, Jason and their child well in the future.

Austin Keenan

Both of them acted spoiled and selfish in the last season of their show.    They pretended to try to resolve their incompatibility but it didn't seem to have any real depth or sincerity to me.   But it's unfair to judge based solely on what's in the public domain (and ugly rumor mongering).            

Karen Rippey

When all you do is fight and push someone away all the time it is hard to make a marriage work and they were fighting and angry way more often than they were loving and getting along from day one. A prime example of you should not get married just because you have a child together.

Becky Faber

She said Jason was good and that he is away on a golf trip. I rewatched the episode and I didnt get the hint that anything was wrong. She was recovering from being sick amd Bryn was sick as well. I hope they stay together and prove everyone wrong.

Holly Modarelli Earley

They both analyze every issue to DEATH--they need to chill, go with the flow and be happy already!!!! I couldn't watch the show anymore....It's sad but it;s probably for the best!

Etta Samples-Bredeson

Somethings just aren't emnt to be... Maybe they can so the right thing and be civil to one another for the little girl.... We can only hope... ps... I bet Jill is gonna be smiling that creepy smile that they didn't make it...

Venae Venae

Yeah, marrying some guy just 'cause he knocked you up isn't exactly the best start to a 60 year marriage.

nonmember avatar Jen

It's really a shame, the first couple of years of marriage are always hard, and with a child thrown in, it's even worse. But you make it work, and it gets better.

Karen Mitchell

I am not surprised and I don't know how he stayed with her this long



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