LeAnn Rimes' New 'Borrowed' Song Should Make Every Married Woman Furious

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Do you get the feeling that LeAnn Rimes gets off on reminding the world that her relationship with Eddie Cibrian started with an affair that destroyed two marriages? I swear, whenever she's not stirring up shit with Eddie's ex Brandi Glanville, she's talking about how she has no regrets for cheating even though it was, like, SOOOO hard because they totally didn't want to stop having sex while they were married to other people. Or as LeAnn puts it: "…we couldn't stop connecting in some way. And it was the hardest thing I've ever been through in my life").

Well, she's still talking about it. Or more specifically, she's singing about it, and she recently went on Jay Leno to talk about the lyrics she uses in the song. Which is called "Borrowed." And no, it's not about borrowing a cup of sugar from her neighbor, unless her neighbor was Brandi Glanville and the sugar was Eddie Cibrian's penis.

According to what she told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, the song looks into "the darker moments" of her life. See, it was just so incredibly difficult to be screwing a man who was the husband of another woman and the father of young children. She knows you'll understand, because you've totally been there, right?

A lot of people who have been in that situation can relate to that...it kills me to give that up. It's a very intimate look into a very rough moment of my life.

Let's review some of the lyrics for this song which she admits is about what she delicately refers to as "the situation," shall we?

I know you’re not mine, only borrowed
Cause you already belong to her, at least you said so
But I’m starting to believe it ain’t the whole truth
As we’re lying side by side, I get the whole you

Do you tell her that you love her?
Like you do me?
Do you make love to her,
The way you make love to me?
Well I keep myself alone in case you call tonight
Its pathetic how I lie around
And wait all the damn time
It’s a short high and long low,
Every time you have to go

Cause I don’t want to give you back
I don’t want to give you back
You’re the best I’ll never have
So I don’t want to give you back
But you’re borrowed

Boy, that just warms the cockles of my heart. Romance IS alive, you guys! I bet this is amazingly wonderful for her own ex-husband to hear, too. Hey, guess what, Dean Sheremet? Your wife was lying around waiting for another man to give her the "whole him," if you know what I mean and I think you do. *makes lewd finger-going-into-closed-fist-gesture* And guess what, Brandi Glanville! Your husband was telling another woman he loved her, maybe right around the time you were chasing a toddler and picking up a six-year-old from kindergarten!

Oh, but I'm sure they'll be fine with this lovely ode to LeAnn's star-crossed love which is surely totally sincere and not at all another public attempt to hurt Glanville and gain a little more publicity in the process. After all, "a lot of people can relate," right?

Does this song gross you out as much as it does me? Because BARF.

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dirti... dirtiekittie

ugh, she needs to get some dignity, and STAT. there's nothing worse to me than a woman who knowingly steps out with a married man. sure, he had the affair, but so did she. and she knew he was married! basically, i took from this that her "dark point" in her life was when she was such an attention whore she had to get the D from someone other than her husband. she needs to fade away from the public eye. and quickly. 

Kim Aaron Fanning

It still amazes me that that cute little blonde girl who once sang/yodeled the hell out of that song Blue turned into this famewhoring freakshow. I don't know why it amazes me, but it does. 

nonmember avatar My turn

There are plenty of songs written about cheating, especially from the point of view of the mistress. "Does He Love You" by Reba and "Stay" by Sugarland come to mind. However, in this case, everyone knows its true and not just another cheatin' country song. That's why it's bad and makes people so angry.

fave82 fave82

I was thinking about how some celebrities have cheated and what not but are basically forgiven by the public.. Its just that she is so Damn unlikable!!

Lori Farris

She is disgusting.

nonmember avatar Trina

I dont agree with what she and Eddie did but she is pouring her heart out in this. Her affair was 4 years ago and it was not fleeting, they got married. Yes they should not have cheated, but get over it. Sugarland Stay is worse to me, hate all you want, but I think this song is very touching. And yes i have been cheated on and yes it hurts but at least it was not in jest in this situation, she married him!!

nonmember avatar Jenna

Leann needs some serios therapy. She brags about cheating and breaking up a marriage to keep herself relevant. She makes it difficult for Eddie and Brandi to co-parent because she's so hung up on "being the victim/mistress".
Also, she wasn't the first women Eddie cheated with..and I'm sure she won't be the last.

Ash N Ava

Tell it like it is Linda!! :)

Holly Ison

I have seen so many online messages from people who say they wish that something else could finally be talked about. Well if people would quit bugging LeAnn about all that has happened, maybe other things can finally be focused on.

God bless you and her always!!!

Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her)

nonmember avatar Diana

Who cares? People are so stupid. The only people who should care are the ones personally involved. Everyone else needs to get a life and stop being so pathetic.

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