LeAnn Rimes' New 'Borrowed' Song Should Make Every Married Woman Furious

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Do you get the feeling that LeAnn Rimes gets off on reminding the world that her relationship with Eddie Cibrian started with an affair that destroyed two marriages? I swear, whenever she's not stirring up shit with Eddie's ex Brandi Glanville, she's talking about how she has no regrets for cheating even though it was, like, SOOOO hard because they totally didn't want to stop having sex while they were married to other people. Or as LeAnn puts it: "…we couldn't stop connecting in some way. And it was the hardest thing I've ever been through in my life").

Well, she's still talking about it. Or more specifically, she's singing about it, and she recently went on Jay Leno to talk about the lyrics she uses in the song. Which is called "Borrowed." And no, it's not about borrowing a cup of sugar from her neighbor, unless her neighbor was Brandi Glanville and the sugar was Eddie Cibrian's penis.

According to what she told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, the song looks into "the darker moments" of her life. See, it was just so incredibly difficult to be screwing a man who was the husband of another woman and the father of young children. She knows you'll understand, because you've totally been there, right?

A lot of people who have been in that situation can relate to that...it kills me to give that up. It's a very intimate look into a very rough moment of my life.

Let's review some of the lyrics for this song which she admits is about what she delicately refers to as "the situation," shall we?

I know you’re not mine, only borrowed
Cause you already belong to her, at least you said so
But I’m starting to believe it ain’t the whole truth
As we’re lying side by side, I get the whole you

Do you tell her that you love her?
Like you do me?
Do you make love to her,
The way you make love to me?
Well I keep myself alone in case you call tonight
Its pathetic how I lie around
And wait all the damn time
It’s a short high and long low,
Every time you have to go

Cause I don’t want to give you back
I don’t want to give you back
You’re the best I’ll never have
So I don’t want to give you back
But you’re borrowed

Boy, that just warms the cockles of my heart. Romance IS alive, you guys! I bet this is amazingly wonderful for her own ex-husband to hear, too. Hey, guess what, Dean Sheremet? Your wife was lying around waiting for another man to give her the "whole him," if you know what I mean and I think you do. *makes lewd finger-going-into-closed-fist-gesture* And guess what, Brandi Glanville! Your husband was telling another woman he loved her, maybe right around the time you were chasing a toddler and picking up a six-year-old from kindergarten!

Oh, but I'm sure they'll be fine with this lovely ode to LeAnn's star-crossed love which is surely totally sincere and not at all another public attempt to hurt Glanville and gain a little more publicity in the process. After all, "a lot of people can relate," right?

Does this song gross you out as much as it does me? Because BARF.

Image via LeannRimes

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hello... hellokd87

While the whole concept is tacky, I could only imagine how tough that seriously was for her. She was married to another man, someone SHE probably told she loved, etc. Yet she couldn't deny the attraction she felt for Cibrian. She should've just done a cover of "Torn Between Two Lovers".

nonmember avatar Lucky

Here's the thing,noone knows what went on behind closed doors & hearts in their marriages& clearly they found something in each others that was missing.Could they have done things differently,of course.There's many things in my life I wish I had done differently,as Im sure every human being on the planet is not perfect for sure.Like Leann,I left my husband for another man.I tried to fight my ffeelings for a very long time,but couldnt,he was all I could think about.Ive been married to him now for 16 yrs,and my ex-husband found true love as well.The only people in this who have any right to judge or be hurt are their exes,who have since moved on.People really need to stop judging and look in their own backyards before judging.Ive seen so many people who seem incredibly hateful.Some have obvious disturbing mental health issues,that they should be addressing,instead of attacking people they dont even know.

nonmember avatar Emily

Shes a whore - and this article is hilariously pointing that out!

Worki... WorkingMom8479

We better be careful what we say... she will find us, call us at home and our workplaces and then sue us for defamation.  

Diana Di Iorio Salzano

I WAS the married woman who was cheated on after 25+ years of marriage. I can relate to Brandi. As far as Leann and Eddie, they both truely do deserve one another. Neither could ever be trusted, but Karma is a bitch and my motto is.."they all fall down".......

Etta Samples-Bredeson

They BOTH make ME SICK !! Her and Eddie and other like them Bra Pitt and Angelina and anyone else that cheats ( Hoes ) ... I got news for people it IS NOT OKAY to SCREW your CO-WORKERS !!! Especially when 1). Your Already Married and 2). ESPECAILLY when you There are CHILDREN involved !!! When you decide to bring Kids into this World Your Life Belongs to them until they are @ least 18  !!!!! They DO NOT ask to be brought into this World period .......

nonmember avatar guest

@Lucky: If you want people to stop judging your friend, then tell her to shut up. We know everything there is to know because Leann is so public. Like the photo that is included in this article. It was taken after Leann made out with Eddie's mistress. How do we know? Because Leann puts her life on display.

rmathews rmathews

i was thinking the same thing as someone else just wrote about plenty of songs about cheating. The one Reba wrote and Sugarland. Its wrong to cheat and its wrong to destroy families and that person obviously hasn't any morals or regrets of their actions. No shame at all thats why they write songs about it and throw it in the famiies faces, she will feel bad when those kids grow up to see what really happened since the internet will always be here for them to check it.

nonmember avatar guest

Do you know what's dishonest? Leann sending her fans here to post on her behalf to make it look like she has support. If you check out Leann's timeline, you will see that 3 of the people who posted in favor of Leann(ie- the posters telling people to move on, don't judge Leann, quit bugging Leann) have personal relationships with Leann and tweet to her on a daily basis.

nonmember avatar dee

She's a s% £ t. Having to work on a marriage is hard enough without w***res. Having my own husband step out of our marriage. Because a coworker saw an opportunity with him. Really are there not enough single men/woman out there. As I was told by the shank well all the good ones are taken and I wanted yours. My husband told her he would never leave me for her. Besides can't make a ho a housewife. Find your own leave the married ones ALONE.

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