Britney's MTV Documentary: What Did You Think?

Circus by Britney Spears

Photo by: Circus/Jive

Britney: For the Record aired Sunday night on MTV. I couldn't watch the whole show until yesterday because my kids actually want me to feed them! Daily!  I finally watched the entire Britney fest Monday night. I am dying to know what you thought of it.


Here are some interesting reactions from around the web and CafeMom:

Jezebel thought Britney: For the Record was sad.

The Undomestic Diva  and Domestic Chicky felt sorry for Britney after watching the show and they respect her more.

CafeMom Hollywood's 2kids19yrsapart watched the documentary. Britney Spears Fans were glued to TV and I'd love to know what some true Britney fans think of the show.

I thought the MTV documentary portrayed Britney in a favorable light.  She is trapped by her fame and while she wanted to be a star, no one should be hounded 24/7 like she is. I believe Britney has talent but she has issues, problems...just like the rest of us.

Britney's new CD, Circus is released today. It's her birthday and she spent the morning on national TV, celebrating her day and promoting Circus. Not like the rest of us.

Spill it, ladies. What do you think?

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