Kim Kardashian Got Dumped by Nick Cannon Over Her Sex Tape but ... Wait, They Dated?!


Kim KardashianWhew, everyone. We finally know why Kim Kardashian and Nick Cannon broke up. This has been bugging me for eons!!! Wait. That's not what I meant exactly. I meant Nick Cannon has finally told us why he and Kim Kardashian broke up and I was all, They dated??!! It's kind of the same, but not really. Anyway, the point is, Nick Cannon -- that's Mr. Mariah Carey, thank you very much -- dished on The Howard Stern Show about the end of his four-month relationship with KayKard (does anyone call her that?). And he tells us exactly what made him hand Kim her walking papers.

The pair dated from late 2006 to early 2007, before either of them was really famous. In fact, in this pic of them together, it hardly looks like Kim. This was pre-fillers and Botox and possible nose job, I'm guessin'. Anyway, Nick spills the beans on why he dumped Kim even though she's "one of the nicest people I've ever met." (And surely she put out. But that's another story.)

You can probably guess that it had a lil' something to do with Kim's infamous sex tape. Ya know, that one she made with Ray J. But it wasn't that she HAD a sex tape that made Nick think twice. It was that, well ... I'll let him tell it.

We talked about this tape. And she told me there was no tape. If she might have been honest with me I might have tried to hold her down and be like 'That was before me,' because she is a great girl. But to tell me there's no sex tape?

Hmmm, so it sounds like Nick is a stickler for that ol' truth thing. He must have been a tad surprised when the tape surfaced -- everywhere. The same tape that she supposedly told him didn't exist. Isn't this kind of like how Kim neglected to mention to Kris Humphries that she'd been married before? Methinks Kimmy has a little problem with the truth. Or maybe the truth isn't a problem for her at all, because she just ignores it. Anyhoo.

Nick also drops the non-shocking news that Kim may have been involved in the sex tape's release. He bluntly says: "And I still think she might have even had a part to play with [its release]." Gee, Nick, do you think oxygen might be in the atmosphere too? Had ya heard that one?!

Well, both of these kids went on to great fame and fortune -- and love lives. Nick is now happily married to Mariah Carey and has twins. Kim is now happily making headlines with Kanye West. And Kanye knows about the sex tape. But does he know about Nick?!

Just imagine though -- if Kim hadn't lied about the sex tape, maybe they'd still be dating. And then the world wouldn't have been deprived of a celeb couple we could call "Kick." How awesome would that have been?!

Did you know Nick and Kim once dated?

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nonmember avatar eye roll

Of course she dated him. Being black appears to be her sole requirement for a suitor.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

She looks better in this pic than she does in present day...too much damn work on her face now.

tuffy... tuffymama

I assumed she dated every black guy with a fairly decent credit rating...?

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD Why can't they just be guys. If they were white would you say "she dated every white guy with decent credit"? It may not be meant racist but comes across that way. JMO

2nino... 2ninos4me

I agree with pp , she seems to have a thing for black guys . And no , noone is been racist so plz put away the " she is a racist type of person " card . Any dummy would think the same just by looking at her dating record . Anyways i did not know they even dated .

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

What does her dating black guys have to do with the post?? and yes 2ninos it DOES come off as racist, because it has nothing to do with the question.. smh so because she has a thig for black guys its not shocking?? anyway to aswer to question.... nope I had no idea and I am shocked, because he seems so nerdy and awkward next to her and she seems to go for the athlete/rapper type... she seems to serious to be with a person like a Nick

braun... braunbear

Sorry, Nick's lying-- (Egregiously-- I did the research, several researches-- they'res several tapes).
He was very well aware of the tape(s), and the fame it bring him and her, and RJ(Whitney's boytoy)...liar
As I am sure there were many, since she was sooooo very much in love with herself.
She had a handheld camcorder forever running, always talking to it(as did he)...

Both hammed it up for the camera--before, during , and after the deed.
NO matter where they went, no matter what they did, it was all on camera(meals, pool, play, and sex.)
Bad press is good press-- when you can't manage anything else jobwise, you make porn...

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