'Real Housewife' Taylor Armstrong Just Needs to Stay Quiet During Brandrienne Gate (VIDEO)

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taylor armstrongNot that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong has inserted herself into Brandrienne Gate, it's just that she's the last person I want to hear from while we all try to figure out what Brandi Glanville said about Adrienne Maloof. Taylor just needs to realize that there's nothing she can do right now to gain the spotlight (I say while I'm shining one here in her face) and, for once, take a break from her limelight hunting to, I don't know, to apply herself to staying in this zip code she worked so hard to get.

Taylor recently spoke to Us Weekly about her relationship with all Housewives, specifically Brandi, and said:

Brandi and I are just getting to know one another. Our relationship  absolutely ebbs and flows over the season. There's definitely a future there for us to work through some things.

Oh joy. Joy joy joy joy joy joy joy oh not. I'm not the least bit embarrassed to admit that I am so wrapped up in Brandrienne Gate that any fluffy quote from Taylor just ticks me off. It's like, unless you have some light to shed on the situation, step down for a second -- your white noise is just a distraction.

Taylor's always rubbed me the wrong way, and I've sided with Brandi whenever the two of them get into a tiff, so I'm coming at this oh-so-important piece of reality show gossip from a prejudicial place. Since Taylor's never been anything but a fame-seeking big-mouth, it's hard to take anything she says seriously. She just sounds so fake. Always.

And the fact that she doesn't blink really freaks me out.

Do you want Taylor and Brandi to work things out?


Photo via Us Weekly

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nonmember avatar JaneDoh

This has to be Taylor's last season. No one cares about what she has to say (look at how fast her book tanked). She will do anything to extend her 15 minutes. Wanna make it interesting? Deflate her lips, that should gain interest for about 5 minutes.

Cheryl Ehrhart

Brandy needs to shut her pie hole now and then.  And Taylor is a whach-a-do that needs to take a hike.  Kyle is an instigator and manipulator.  Getting so tired of these women.

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