Zooey Deschanel Divorce Details Shed Light on What Went Wrong

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zooey deschanel ben gibbardThe New Girl is officially no longer a married girl in real life. Yep, that's right -- pretty much a whole yeeeear after announcing that they were splitting after roughly three years of marriage, Zooey Deschanel and Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard's divorce has been finalized. Sad!

But then again, the sparse details about the divorce leaking now make it blatantly clear that the celebs' marriage truly could not be saved ...

The judgment on the divorce states that the former couple's marriage cannot be repaired by counseling or mediation. While that may be standard divorce paperwork wording ... it definitely makes you wonder if that means they tried those routes and they failed or they never bothered? Especially considering that they had only been married for about three years. Whatever went wrong between them had to have gone terribly wrong.

And if that really was the case -- if things were so bad that counseling (or further counseling) couldn't fix it -- then I guess they really were better off calling it quits.

It's easy to be an outsider looking in and judging someone else's short-lived marriage, to think that they should have tried harder or done more to make it work. But only the two people in the relationship know the truth. And if the truth is just so terrible that it's impossible to save the marriage, and they're better off apart, then more power to them. Because as much as divorce sucks, I definitely believe that sometimes it really is the only answer.

As for Zooey, she seems genuinely happy these days, having already moved on with screenwriter Jamie Linden. Good for her. As sad it is, the finalization of her divorce is a huge relief -- for her and Ben both.

Do you think it sounds like these two are better off divorced?


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CAP1015 CAP1015

Really, what are the details that shed any type of light other than pure speculation and just out and out guessing?  Another article that is grossly mistitled and therefore misleading or should have been written as a speculative piece.  I really guess that the need for anything to fill space creates this type of crap.  AND FOR WHAT ITS WORTH the terms "CANNOT BE SAVED BY COUNSELING OR MEDIATION"  is standard boilerplate divorce/legal phrasing in almost all divorces.



What details were you speaking of? The no counseling or mediation can save the marriage part doesn't shed light on squat,and it shouldn't,it's a private matter.

dirti... dirtiekittie

lol i love maressa's blogs sometimes. 

"only the two people in the relationship know the truth"

"do you think they're happier since their divorce?"

well i don't know maressa, only the two people that were in the relationship know the truth! hahahahahahahahaha

jec72579 jec72579

Actually, that is standard wording on ANY divorce. Please stop making something out of absolutely NOTHING!~

nonmember avatar mghan

Reading WAY too much into standard legal wording.

psych... psychofab

I didn't even know they were married lol


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