Winona Ryder Makes The Killers' New Video Her Gloriously Goth Comeback (VIDEO)

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winona ryderHooray, Winona Ryder is working again!! Yay!! And causing quite the commotion, in typical Ryder fashion. See, the 41-year-old actress recently reunited with Edward Scissorhands director Tim Burton for "Here With Me," The Killers' latest music video, and everybody is freaking out. But not freaking out in the way you might expect, like, Woo-hoo! Winona's back! No, people are freaking out like, Eeek! So creepy!!

Come on, guys, really? Winona Ryder is back! And looking fabulous, blonde wig or no blonde wig. So what if the video is creepy? Hang on, let me put that another way: So what if the (Tim Burton-directed/Winona Ryder-starring) music video (for The Killers) is creepy? What the hell else would it be?! Don't tell me Winona Ryder has been out of the limelight so long you've forgotten her goth girl roots.

Don't tell me all Winona Ryder means to you people is Reality Bites and shoplifting and a supporting role in some Adam Sandler movie. Don't tell me all Winona Ryder means to you is The Age of Innocence. Winona Ryder is Beetlejuice. Winona Ryder is Heathers!! Winona Ryder is Tim Burton's third favorite muse! (1. Helena Bonham Carter, duh, since they're seeing one another; 2. Lisa Marie. I would say Johnny Depp is #1 but he can't technically be a muse 'cause he's a guy and I can't remember what the male version of a muse is called.)

Anyway, the proper response to this Winona Ryder/Tim Burton/The Killers collaboration is the aforementioned Woo-hoo! Winona's back! and that is all. Watch the video below, and if you don't agree, all I can say is ...

"What's your damage?!" Ahahaha!! Corn Nuts.

Are you happy to see that Winona Ryder is working again?


Image via TheKillersVEVO/YouTube

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dreamsky dreamsky

I adore THE KILLERS!!! Love love love them.

cmjaz cmjaz

She was good in Black Swan

nonmember avatar K

I'd say Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter are more than "seeing each other," as they have 2 children together, adjoining houses, and have been together for what, 11 years now? Not sure if they're married or in a domestic partnership though. .... Yea I'm obviously a big fan...

annis... annismom10

Sure that's weird. Sad. But it's beautiful. Creepy? Please. Have these people seen a tool video?

Katie Hutton

Maybe she is off the pills

nonmember avatar Bobracha

That's all well and good, but where is our Beetlejuice 2!?

Tammatha Brown

Always thought her as a wonderful actress, she was fantastic in Bram Stokers vampire movie with Gary Oldman.

Ginny Palma

Afaik you can call a guy a 'muse', too. But in any case I love the works of Tim Burton, Winona Ryder, and The Killers, so this really works for me! <3

Bethany Dean

That was so odd... like a cool Goth remake of Mannequin with a young Uncle Fester, who's actually a candle. I loved it.

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