'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Corey Simms' Family Gives Worst Relationship Advice Ever

Teen Mom 2The cast of MTV's Teen Mom 2 is pretty consistent in making bad relationship decisions. That's just a fact. And Monday night's episode was no exception. In fact, the entire episode was basically one gigantic glimpse into the world of these girls' relationships. It was pretty scary.

First up, we have the good news. Chelsea is finally (FINALLY!) seeking help for her incredibly low self-esteem and problems with Adam. Seeing a shrink may be the best thing to ever happen to that girl. Let's hope things change for her.

Then the bad news: Jenelle has a new man named Josh (massive eye-roll). We all know how her various whims with men end up, and though this guy seems like a "keeper," we know he's not since she's not with him. Jenelle has SUPER high standards, too. "At least you have a steady job." Yeah. Way to aim high.

Meanwhile Kailyn is losing her mind over the breakup with Jordan and talking to Jo about it. Does this seem smart? Maybe not. But she's doing it anyway!

Here's a lesson (much as I love Kailyn): When the guy who you cheated on your boyfriend with, who ALSO happens to be your baby daddy that jerked you around after you cheated, is the person you turn to for relationship advice, maybe it's time to make a girlfriend or two. Just a thought.

Of course, the best moment of the night came when Corey Simms' parents offered him the sage relationship advice to "avoid skinny minnies" and go for a less pretty girl so she would be less apt to cheat.

I am not sure how to say this, so let me be clear: WORST. RELATIONSHIP. ADVICE. EVER. Seriously, people. What the hell?

Corey's mom laughed and said he just needs a girl with "morals" (ooooh burn), but his dad was serious. Make an ugly woman your wife. Wasn't that a song?

Corey and Leah's problems didn't happen because she was too thin. Or too pretty. Corey's parents implying he can only get an ugly girl is insulting to him, true. But it's also insulting to all women in general. Really? Only ugly women can be faithful?

Is it any wonder these people can't be happy in relationships? With two daughters, I sure as hell hope Corey rethinks his parents' statement. And I hope he gets some better parenting advice than he does relationship advice. Nice.

What did you think of Corey's parents' "advice"?


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Kathy Hollerback

Why does a girl who isn't classified as a "skinny minnie" have to be ugly?? Some of the most beautiful women in the world are not "skinny minnies"

Jenn Boyd

Total. Parental. Fail!

nonmember avatar Keg

This a is also insulting to Corey's stepmother. If I was her, I'd be very hurt.

Ashley Vickers

y would they say something like that being pretty or thin fat or ugly has nothing to do with faithfulness

Vegeta Vegeta

I'm ugly and faithful, just sayin. Lol

LeeshaE LeeshaE

And I am a "skinny minnie" and faithful but really I consider my moral fiber what makes me faithful not my looks

lizkl... lizklimglp

That is awful advice! I've watched the show since it first came out, and I believe it can be used as a tool to teach young adults the trials and tribulations of being a young parent. But, some of the lessons on the show make it hard to watch knowing that young women are watching this and potentially taking notes on how to cope.

I think the parents on the show should also be held accountable for their decisions. For example, paying for Chelsea's rent while she doesn't have a job is not a good lesson for her to be responsible as an adult, it was obvious Adam would be in and out of that home before we even saw the first suitcase. What's wrong with her living at home until she completes her GED and starts working? I could give examples for each of the young women but I'm sure you already know!

nonmember avatar kaerae

Nah, ugly girls are easy pickings because they have low self-esteem, more likely to cheat because they're flattered by some attention.

AliNo... AliNoelle

Umm I'm pretty small and pretty but I'm loyal as hell. That's insulting to all.

shell... shellyplatz

I think they were trying to tell him just because there's a pretty package doesn't mean there is a pretty heart!

My guess on why Jenelle isn't with Josh is because he thought she should focus on her child.

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