Jenelle Evans’ Mostly Nude Photos Remind Us She’s Not Going Anywhere

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jenelle evansI am convinced that Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is an addict. No no, not to drugs although, yeah, there's speculation over that too. No, this MTV star is addicted to controversy and everything that comes with having 560,000+ Twitter followers.

Just the other night, the newly married Evans tweeted a bunch of half-naked photos of her in her bathtub. While you can't really see everything, it's not like too much is left to the imagination. I was just under the impression that when you tell people you want to change and your life is going in a better direction, that usually involves, you know, not posting half-naked pictures of yourself on the Internet.

Or my bad, was that a bad assumption?

I guess it just makes me concerned for the girl because I feel like at this point there's no going back. There's no denying in my mind that Jenelle does half of the things she does because she thinks she has an audience that "cares." Heck, even her followers don't really care, they almost always react. That's what the MTV star thrives on: The reaction.

In my mind, the bigger red flag here is that Jenelle is now a happily married woman (or so she claims) to Courtland Rogers. How does Courtland feel about his wife posting these kind of pictures online? If he was my man, I'm pretty sure that answer would be "not so great."

To each her own. Me, well, I'll keep hoping that Jenelle can get her head on straight and that maybe this whirlwind marriage will do some good for her. The reality though? I have my doubts.

What do you think of Jenelle's photos? Do you think she'll ever change?

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nonmember avatar paige

Aren't you glorifying her just like MTV is by posting about her?

Aimee L.Flores

the girl makes me sick !! I want to see her mom pop her in the mouth (when jace is sleeping in the other room obviously) Then I want her to have jace taken away from her for good. She is a horrible person the way she acts in front of that child to her mother who is raising that child. Shame on ur chicki.... shame on u !

Rebecca Morton

she is an attention whore that is all there it is too it. i can't stand her andthink she is a horrible mother.

Funny... FunnyKids

All i see are knees neck and face...if that's half naked then my kids go out half naked all summer

XxPix... XxPixiesworldxX

So, I think from what I see she is really is a terrible mother and on the wrong path in life... BUT... all I see are bubbles and knees. These are not "nude" photos lmao

Willa... Willa-wonders

I blame MTV for glorifying teen pregnancys. Now that they are paying them for "sharing" their story, more and more teen girls think that it's OK. Not only that, they think they can get on TV too. Keeping these young mothers on the show just proves that they have no responsibilities, they go out, get cosmetic surgery, go to clubs when they should be banking that money for collage, and staying home taking care of their baby's. it drives me just crazy!

Sabri... Sabrina411

I feel so bad for jace ):

Mommy... Mommyfreckles

What makes you think because she posted a picture of herself in a bath tube that she is now doomed for life? Celebrities who make boat loads of money do that every single day! Instead of demonizing her, she needs encouragement to succeed. I dont agree with her current life style, but do I believe she is doomed to it? Not at all. Anyone can change. I dont know her, except what is seen on TV. She has wonderful qualities about her, I'm sure. I hope she sees that sooner than later. There is a beautiful baby who would like his mother, but that's what I see on TV. Who know's what really goes on. Her own mother isnt exactly the best role model either from what I see. How easy for us to sit here, typing away our judgements. She needs help, not ridicule. She, like parents all over the world, not matter the age, has her priorities set up wrong. Dont boo her because she's a teen mom. I know plenty of adult parents who put all kinds of things before their own children. Age makes little difference in the way a person is capable of parenting.

Jasmine Segovia

How in the world is this show 'glorifying' teen pregnancy and motherhood??  All I see when I watch this show is how much they struggle with their exes, family drama and yes, money issues too.  Are you a mother?  If so I want to ask if you've ever gone out to a bar or to a you do things without your kids? HECK yes...every parent does!  As for excessively going out, I haven't seen ONE of these girls do that (well, Jenelle is obviously an exception).  Where are you getting this from?  And as for 'collage' (which is spelled 'college' fyi, an ironic mispelling on your part)  I'm pretty sure all of the girls ar continuing their education.  If they're not at the moment, then guess what? It wasn't for them; college isn't for everyne.  But yes, all season 2 girls are showning school. 
I see great mothers taking care of their kids (again, Jenelle might be an exception to that) and they are leading lives that I know many tmes mirror my own.  I just don't understand how anyone can watch this show and think, "oh they're such bad parents. Their priorities are not in the right place".  Everyone needs to stop acting like they're perfect and that motherhood needs to be perfect as well.

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