'The Bachelorette: Ashley & J.P.'s Wedding' Special: 5 Most Heartwarming Moments (PHOTOS)

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  • The Cake


    Image via ABC

    Surely, J.P. and Ashley couldn't pass up the red velvet cake!

  • The Dress


    Image via ABC

    Now, that's a wedding dress! And how 'bout that chuppah! Oofa!

  • The Vows


    Image via ABC

    During the vows they wrote for one another, Ashley and J.P. struggled to hold back tears. There was some much-needed and totally sweet comic relief when J.P. stopped short at one point in the middle of his vows to say to his bride, "You gotta keep it together or I'm not going to be able to!" Too cute.

  • Emily Maynard's Big Appearance


    Image via ABC

    As promised, Emily showed up date-less to the event, wearing a cute Myne velvet maxi dress to celebrate her Bachelorette BFF’s nuptials. Though she has now struggled with two reality show-based relationships, Em had nothing but love for the happy newlyweds. 

  • The First Dance


    Image via ABC

    The newlyweds' first dance, sealed with a kiss, reportedly gave Emily Maynard "chills."