Anne Hathaway's Wardrobe Malfunction Shouldn't Cost Her an Oscar

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anne hathawayIf early reviews are any indication, Anne Hathaway has a serious chance at winning an Oscar for her gripping portrayal of Fantine in the film version of Les Miserables. She's already been nominated in the Golden Globes' Best Supporting Actress category. And none of this is exactly a newsflash, right? Ever since she won our hearts as a teen in Princess Diaries, we figured Anne was the sort of actress who would one day get feted for her work all over Hollywood, well throughout her career. We knew it was only a matter of time until she won her first Academy Award.

But now it looks like an unforeseen wrench may have been thrown into Anne's grand Hollywood plan: The unfortunate wardrobe malfunction that went down last week at the NYC premiere of Les Mis that no one can seem to stop talking about!

According to, Anne's totally freaked out that getting photographed sans undies could seriously screw up her career. A source close to the situation says, "Anne is really hoping for an Oscar for Les Misérables, and she’s worried that this misstep will hurt her credibility as an actress.” Agh. She's also reportedly distraught because she feels like the scandalous moment cast a shadow over a project that's so near and dear to her.

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Wow, you gotta feel for the woman. There's no question about Anne's commitment to the project. Wise or not, she literally starved herself to get the role right! And her performance is earning her rave reviews. It's absurd to think that one mistake, one misstep, one fashion disaster could stand in her way. It's not even like she was seen out partying and totally smashed and this happened. And even if she was -- there's no legitimate reason this should influence whether or not the Academy is willing to recognize her this year. I'm sure actors and actresses who have been caught in the public eye doing faaaar worse have been honored.

But that's not even the point. The point is that this wardrobe malfunction was completely unintentional and should have no bearing on her credibility or reputation. Whether or not Anne nabs an Globe or an Oscar this year should be based on one thing alone: Her extraordinary performance in Les Mis.

Do you think the wardrobe malfunction could cost Anne a Golden Globe or Oscar?


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banan... banana-bear

It's a vagina. Let's move on....

Ann Namouse

Was Anne's wardrobe problem a malfunction or not is really in question. If as the evidence actually shows an attempt to get media attention. Ah the skirt in question was a panel skirt, the malfunction from the picture was the part that was pulled under when she turned to dismount from the vehicle, was the side panel exposing her leg and crafty shoes. The center panel is where the well trimmed knicker free bush was exposed. If you look at that panel it appears to be folded so as to expose the parts the Paparazzi earned their money flashing across the media. Could it be just a circumstance that last weeks Pantaloon free Japan back exposure did not provide enough attention that she craved more. If it was on purpose no Oscar nominations, we saw Anne nude enough in Love & Other Drugs

rhps2000 rhps2000

What an idiot. She definitely did it on purpose.

nonmember avatar gg

How about you wear underwear, genius, right?

nonmember avatar Nate Taylor

It wasn an accident. She did it on purpose to get media attenion. She knew her "dress" would open up, and expose her "hoo-hah", and that's why she left it flapping in the breeze. As long as actors & actresses are allowed to use the "get out of jail free card" aka "wardrobe malfunction", they'll keep doing it to get attention. Disqualify them from any awards or nominations for a period of not less than 2 years following the incidents. If it happens during an acceptance, take the award back from them PUBLICLY!!! That should make them think about what they're doing.

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