Adrienne Maloof Made the Brandi Glanville Comment So Much Bigger Than It Was

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paul and adrienne maloofLike any warm-blooded, self-respecting Housewife fan, I've been following the Adrienne Maloof, Brandi Glanville feud with an earnestness and intensity only rivaled by Hadron Collider physicists and tween boys playing video games. These Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have gotten themselves into a real pickle, haven't they? What did Brandi say about Adrienne? What is Adrienne Maloof hiding? And why the hell did Bravo bleep out the bombshell, which I think, by now, we're all comfortable assuming is the supposed "secret" that Adrienne and husband Paul Nassif used a surrogate to carry their three kids?

Like with any good fight, it's time to place some blame. Here's the deal, if Adrienne and Paul didn't make such a huge fucking deal about this whole thing, none of us would be talking about it right now. This is all their fault.

Reportedly, it's in Adrienne's contract with Bravo that they can't air anything of or relating to her children, which, naturally, would mean that they can't show any discussions about their birth. If they catch it on camera, fine, but it can't be part of the show.

Soooooo, assuming that Adrienne and Paul could be confident that Brandi's surrogacy accusation couldn't be aired on TV because of their iron-clad pre-nup with Bravo disallowing such content, then why the HELL did they blow up about it?

Why wouldn't they, at Mauricio's event, just shrug it off, remind Brandi and the rest of the cast that the topic of kids is legally off-limits, and pretend like the whole "bombshell" never happened? 

They should've looked Kim Richards in the eye, applauded her for following the producer's instructions to inform them of Brandi's comments (because you know Kim didn't come up with that inappropriate time and place all on her own), and say, "Brandi can talk all she wants, it's not gonna be on TV, let's just ignore her and get a drink, OK? Er, a seltzer. A pill? Whatever you want," and be done with it.

Instead, they made such a scene and acted like such idiots, the likes of which have only previously been seen on, gasp, VH1 reality shows, that they actually created the story. They're the ones that turned a non-televisable story into a goddamn circus.

If they hadn't provided the drama, the scene would've stayed on the cutting room floor.

Who knows. Maybe that's what they wanted. Maybe Adrienne and Paul just love suing people and knew that Brandi, or even NBC Universal, would be no match for their high-power, highly-expensive, highly-trained lawyers. Maybe they knew that they could squeeze money out of the bombshell and decided to milk it for every last penny. Maybe they're just morons who don't know any better.

At this point, I don't put anything past them. Team Brandi.

Do you think Adrienne and Paul are to blame for this spectacle?


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tuffy... tuffymama

Adrienne and Paul ARE to blame for it. I hope hope hope Adrienne's past as a man is revealed. LOL. ;0)

Granny Lee

I remember Adrien saying way back in the Taylor and hubby thingy of threats of suit..HOW that was just INSANE..Go Fiqure !


littl... littlesuzyfrog

I think Bravo needs to admit that they are part of the blame as well.  Also Adrianne and Paul, if they have it in their contract, why did they made it a story line by making such a scene at a party that had to be shown on tv.  Seriously, who cares though.  Lots of people use a sarrogate for various reasons.  I can understand why some people want to be hush about it though.  

Also Kim, even though she is not drunk, seems to always acts that way.

Brandi, shouldn't have said it, but that's who she is as a person.  You can't change somebody into something they're not?  That's just who she is.  As a person.

nonmember avatar Kristen

Brandi needs to stay out of everyone's lives

nonmember avatar Sam

Sue happy hooch is what Adrienne is & Paul made himself look like the out of control abusive jerk Adrienne accused him of being. Couple of narcissistic asshats!

Karen Riccitelli Zabatta

I think the blogger here should watch her filthy mouth..this is probably why she is on Brandi's side..Also this is Bravo's fault .their edit group didn't do their job..a contract is a contract..what don't they get?  Regardless if you people think it is stupid that the Nassif's do or don't want to talk about it, doesn't make them idiots..Don't tell me that any of you were put in this position wouldn't be upset!  Even Brandi knows she was in trouble about this..

nonmember avatar Jeannie

Brandi is the instigator here. The Maloofs should have been ANGRY. Anyone one who has personal business that is private that they don't want aired would be angry. How on the heck did that wreck of a crazy woman (Brandi) get on this show. She is a mess and has no personal responsibility. If she acts like that in normal life it's a no brainier why her husband done left her and its a no wonder why she NEEDS Lisa's friendship. Everything about Brandi is just TRASH. Shame on her. Period... She's miserable and angry inside so she wants the same for everyone else. She makes me sick...

Nancy Longust Berger

Wasn't Adrienne just filmed at that Ojai dinner talking childbirth, that she had a c-section, and Paul the Big Surgeon was in the room driving her nuts? Where was the contract then? Why say anything? Camille was there, listening and not participating because she couldn't relate, it would have been easy for Adrienne to do the same, or excuse herself for the restroom, slyly change the subject, OR, perhaps the bombshell is related to something else. Surely Adrienne wouldn't lie, right?

nonmember avatar Kiku

If there is one person I wish would shut her mouth forever, it's Brandi. She is nothing but a trouble maker and a hypocrite.

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