Golden Globes Snub 'Walking Dead' & 'Game of Thrones' This Year: Oh, Come On!

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The nominees for the 70th annual Golden Globe Awards are in, and there are some wonderfully familiar names in the television category. Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad, Claire Danes for Homeland, Maggie Smith for Downton Abbey, and Tina Fey for 30 Rock are just a few of the much-deserved nominations, and it's a nice surprise to see that Girls made it to the Best Comedy category.

Conspicuously absent, however, are two of television's most popular shows. The Walking Dead managed to pull in 15.2 million viewers for its midseason finale this year (even beating out the series finale of Lost back in 2010!), but the Hollywood Foreign Press Association must not be a fan. Also missing in action from the list of nominees -- and in my opinion, a FAR more grievous omission -- is Game of Thrones.

Not to be mean or anything, but Matt LeBlanc got a best performance nod over PETER DINKLAGE? I call shenanigans.

I'm not actually super shocked Walking Dead didn't make the list. It's an enormously fun show to watch, but I wouldn't say it's been overflowing with transcendent acting and the kind of scriptwriting that makes you want to buy the DVD box set just so you can dork out to the commentary. We're glued to the set because of the zombies and the constant threat of death, not necessarily because we can't wait to see what each character says and does. Major props to Andrew Lincoln for a particularly emotional scene this season, but overall, I'm not sure anyone on this show deserves a "best of anything" nod quite yet.

Well, aside from Most Disgusting & Bloodily Gruesome Special Effects, which isn't a Globes category. Sadly.

Game of Thrones, on the other hand, is a whole different ballgame. Where's Peter Dinklage, who plays the shit out of Tyrion Lannister each season? Did he already fulfill his allotted lifetime of awards, having scored a 2011 Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, and a 2012 Golden Globe for Best Actor in in a Supporting Role? I mean, come on, wasn't the second season of GoT exactly as worthy as the first, if not more so?

An editor from The Hollywood Reporter suspects that in general, the Hollywood Foreign Press isn't drawn to genre material:

They don’t get much love from the HFPA for the same reason that they don’t get much love from the Emmys, or why genre movies rarely get much love from the Oscars: Sci-fi or fantasy or horror are seen as childish things. And, unless they’re rewarding a performance that ‘elevates’ the material, they’d just as soon keep ‘high-art’ on the pedestal. Which is, as anyone who watches these shows can attest, a short-sighted shame.

Celebuzz puts forth another theory -- that the Globes are more of a glitterati who's who party than an actual awards ceremony:

The HFPA has been accused for decades of choosing nominees who will make for a more glittering guest list of boldface names than a credible roster of merit-worthy artists. And who would you rather invite to your party, Dead's Andrew Lincoln (who?) or Mad Men's Jon Hamm?

I have no idea, but my guess is that this year there were just a lot of great dramas to choose from. A good problem for us viewers to have, but a bummer for our favorites which didn't make the cut.

On the other hand, that doesn't explain why Sons of Anarchy was snubbed yet again. Jimmy Smits, you were robbed.

What shows would you have nominated for the Globes this year? Are you surprised Game of Thrones and Walking Dead didn't make the list?

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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

All three of the shows noted above are really hard core. Well done, well played, and have a tremendous following- but some serious hard core themes. How can you put something like that up against, 30 Rock? I think they like to play it safe and not cater to 'dangerous' themes. :-(

If they did include shows like these, they'd HAVE to have the category, Most Disgusting & Bloodily Gruesome Special Effects! I couldn't even imagine trying to figure out who'd win- you claim Walking Dead, but seriously- there are some awesome scenes in the other shows that give it a real run for its money! lol

Truel... Truelove77

Walking Dead should have been nominated than again this is the golden globes ...I dont really watch em so....

nonmember avatar tony

I love Golden Globes & the fact that they recognize talent and Hard Work... However my only beef,concern,problem, issue with today's show 70th annual, is why would the snub and or Ignore "THE WALKING DEAD" which is completely a show with jusT as Good story,writing and acting as there is in "HOMELAND" not to mention Special Effects at least! what up guys ... what don't gimmie crap about politically correct excuses , we know about how sensitive and to have something or a show mean something to the Americans is, but hey give credit were credit is due and "THE WALKING DEAD" is just as worthy if not better than "Homeland" PERIOD.

nonmember avatar linda garris

Agree about walking dead. More viewers than any of the pc bs on tv. Huge fan base. We dont like golden globes anyway. Its a lovefest for who's who. Giving cheadle best actor for say f...100x a show and fing everyone. Bs. Lincoln and the whole crew do a much better job Look at ncis most watched show in the world. Never nominated for anything. Its all about the pc crowd. Must give one gay one black etc. To keep everyone happy. Well howvabt steven yeun - he's asian. Doesnt that count?lol idc. Its like peoples choice. We get to vote from the people they decide. Breaking dawn 2 would have gotten awards but we werent allowed to vote. U have to be an outspoken political ass and then hollywood lovesvu. Keep ur viewsvto urself or dare to deviate and u get snubbed. But not byvthe viewers. We dont need hollywood to tell us what to watch. Love TWD wish it had longer seasons. Screw u hollywood linda philly

nonmember avatar Kim

I have to disagree with the acting chops in the cast of TWD. David Morrissey, aka, "The Governor" I thought was absolutely brilliant as the character you love to hate. He, if anyone, absolutely should have received a nom.

nonmember avatar Joshua

Really linda sharps , you really shouldnt be giving a opinion about the walking dead if you're not a fan and if you think we are glued to the screen because of zombies then you really don't know anything about the shows actors and how they have changed through out the seasons. For a horor show this show has proved to be one of the most watched shows in america, and will continue to be. Ratings dont lie

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