Sean Penn Has 'Never Felt Loved' & We Can See Why

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sean pennOh Sean Penn. What are we going to do with you? On the one hand, he's been a tireless activist on behalf of Haitian earthquake victims. On the other hand, he won't let us forget he's been a tireless activist on behalf of Haitian earthquake victims. And when he talks about his love life, it kind of makes me go stabby. In an interview with Esquire, Sean Penn implied his marriage to Robin Wright was a farce.

There is no shame in my saying that we all want to be loved by someone. As I look back over my life in romance, I don't feel I've ever had that. I have been the only one that was unaware of the fraud in a few of these circumstances blindly.

Shh, what's that I hear? I think ... I think ... it's the smallest violin in the world playing a dirge for Sean Penn's narcissistic little heart.

I mean really. He's NEVER felt loved by anyone? Not his former wife of 14 years? FOURTEEN YEARS! You would really have to love someone to put up with him for 14 years. I remember reading an article about those two as a couple. This was a while ago, before all the cheating rumors, and Sean sounded like a royal pain in the ass. Robin cut him a lot of slack so he could have his man cave/sulking den, ride his motorcycles wherever, whenever, and he never had to answer to anyone, least of all his freakin' wife and partner in parenting. Basically she came across and generous and long-suffering. He came off as self-absorbed, self-indulgent, and childish.

I know it was just one article (but the journalist spent several days with the Wright-Penns and this was a male writer with a total bro-crush on Sean Penn -- the way male journalists slobber over this guy, ugh ugh!). But I've never seen Penn the same way again. And THEN came the cheating rumors, and I wasn't surprised. And THEN came the divorce, and I thought, "Good for Robin!"

It's bad enough he's bad-mouthing his ex-wife in the press -- something no one should do unless their ex happens to be a convicted criminal. But then he goes on to say that because he can't find love (via getting drunk at bars, gee, wonder why that's not working?), he's pouring himself into charity work. Oh good for you, Sean! So you wouldn't have Haiti's back if you didn't have such a lousy love life?

Look, Haitians need all the help they can get. I just hope Sean Penn is more loyal and true to them than he was to Robin.

What do you think about Sean Penn's remarks about his "life in romance"?


Image via Esquire

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Nuagent Nuagent

He is king of all douches

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Is Sean Penn still acting? Only saw him in Casualties of War and heard that he was close to impossible to work with. Never cared for his acting nor anything he did, does or gonna do.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Boo hoo.

Carol... Carol_H79

He is a prick.

nonmember avatar Mary M. Pykonen

I would have shown you(Sean) true love but you were married at the time. I wrote a poem for you maybe I could read it to you next to the fire?

nonmember avatar Stabby

Makes me a little stabby too! Narcissists can't see themselves & how stupid they look, which is the only thing you can love about them! Plus, he most likely started his charity work as a control tactic in the marriage. And with all his money, can you imagine what a nightmare it would have been to be controlled that way? I bet Robyn wasn't really allowed to work b/c of his narcissistic jealousy, so she was left to only play the 'perfect mother' for press & stopped acting b/c he forced her to. Narcissists make it nearly impossible to divorce them & they will ruin you in every way they can. Sean purposely killed her career & he's a total dick! But he LOVES being a dick. THANK GOD his face is now a total dick face - so ppl can actually see how scarey he is on the inside.

I saw Robyn & Sean's first indie film together years ago - they were awesome cool in it, prepped to be the IT couple...but narcissism kills everything...

Glad she's working again, and stopped playing Jen nee in her personal life. When I saw Forrest Gump I told my friends at the end of the movie & said - "but Jen nee is really Robyn's life right now, and although I love the character Forrest, I really wanted Jen nee to have a happy life, not die from a victim's life." My friends said I was crazy, but I said "just wait, you'll see".

I may get my happy Jen nee after all!

nonmember avatar stacie

stabby, as in you'd like to stab him in the face? Journalists do, indeed, have an obvious bias towards this liberal spouting madman... an insane case of narcissistic entitlement the likes of which would shame even alec baldwin!

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