Sarah Palin’s Son Is Getting Divorced & His Baby Might Be to Blame

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Track PalinSeems like the Palin children don't exactly have the best track record of staying with their children's birth parents. First, Bristol Palin parted ways with Levi Johnston back in 2009. Today, news is breaking that Sarah Palin's eldest son Track Palin is ending his marriage to Britta Hanson. Palin and Hanson have a 1-year-old daughter, Kyla Grace. Oh Sarah, this can't be easy as a mom. 

The couple, who were high school sweethearts, were married in May of 2011, shortly before the arrival of Kyla in August. And as much as I hate to say this -- you can't help but wonder if the big deciding reason they said "I do" was for the sake of their daughter. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but, well, just because a baby's on the way doesn't mean getting married is the best decision.

Amiright, Track?

Yes, the couple had been together for some time. Yes, you want to provide a loving home for your child. If you don't know if you and your partner are ready to be in a lifelong relationship with one another, though, you could be doing more damage than good tying the knot "for the baby's sake."

Plain and simple: It's better for a child to have two parents who can be civil around one another and maintain a healthy, loving relationship, whether it be together or apart, than what could happen after a divorce: growing animosity, bickering, and a whole slew of other issues.

Who knows. Maybe Track and Britta would have split up even if the baby wasn't in the picture. I just hope that they stay close enough to provide Kyla the upbringing that she deserves.

Do you think having a baby with someone is a good reason to get married?


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bills... billsfan1104

What a way to assume. In fact, this is hardly embarrassing. What is more embarrassing is Al Gores kid that has multiple drug infractions and several drinking and driving convictions.

nonmember avatar wBeezy

I don't like to post negative comments, but I couldn't hold back on this. The headline of this post "Sarah Palin’s Son Is Getting Divorced & His Baby Might Be to Blame" is absolutely horrifying and heart breaking. That poor child! I pray to God that one day when she gets older and begins to use the internet, that she doesn't find this post archived somewhere. The post has some valid points, but for goodness sake, PLEASE get rid of that headline!

nonmember avatar GoodGrief

This article is not about Al Gore's kids, billsfan. This is about Track Palin. Stay on topic. Stop making everythig liberals vs. conservatives. Bottom line--it is a bad idea to marry 'for the baby' and it's a bad idea to stay together 'for the sake of the kids'.

lulou lulou

So what you are saying is, there was another pre-marital pregnancy, right about the time GOP candidates were declaring their intentions to run.

lulou lulou

Anyway, isnt the reason for most divorces the MIL.

amazz... amazzonia

what a perfect christian family are they lol

nonmember avatar Joann

This piece has a catty title. And, honestly--the whole piece is a bit mean-spirited and nasty. Thanks, Ms. Abbate, for pointing out the obvious: you are correct, Ms. Abbate--a baby on the way does not mean a couple should get married, or--that the marriage will work. But, nonetheless, they gave it a try. And, if you're not going to show some compassion, fine. But, do you have to be so darn smug about it?

nonmember avatar Jo

@GoodGrief... Well, I'm not sure what "track" we're supposed to stay on, anyway. This whole piece is fluff. And, while you are absolutely correct in suggesting this topic should not be approached from a liberal vs. conservative perspective, it probably already has been. Honestly, do you think this article would have been published if this was not about a famous politician's kid? And, do you honestly think what side of the fence that kid's parent is on does not make a difference? I'm not being judgmental. I'm just saying, to think there may be a slant here is not so off-the-mark.

nonmember avatar sodakhic

Sorry Track and Britta couldn't hold things together after his military deployment, but thats the new normal in American families.If Obama could survive his awful childhood, I would imagine Kyla will survive.

Steve Wilhite

Actually - the whole tone of the article and most comments are just catty, stupid, and mean spirited. The "author" seems to be gloating in the fact that this couple and baby will be adversely affected and the fact that it was Sarah Palin's family is just too gleeful to ignore. I hope that they remain civil and good parents to their child and raise her to the very best of their ability and hopefully she does not grow up to be a gossipy hack of of a "writer" nor a troll turning every issue into a political issue. Grow up, people!

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