Adrienne Maloof's Ridiculous Accusations About Brandi Glanville Were Totally Out of Line

Brandi GlanvilleBrandi Glanville is taking a lot of heat for blurting out Adrienne Maloof's big secret on the last episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While we still don't know what it was, the consensus is she had no business going where she went. But Adrienne threw out some extremely low blows too that were definitely out of line.

And while whatever Brandi revealed about Adrienne is most likely true, that doesn't appear to be the case about what Adrienne said about Brandi being a drug addict, and someone who sleeps until 3 p.m. It's understandable to want to lash back when someone has hurt you, but Adrienne's accusations don't seem to have any merit of truth.

Or at least so says Brandi's former roommate, Jennifer Gimenez, who lived with Brandi and her sons for several months last year. Gimenez spoke with Wetpaint and defended Brandi while laughing off Adrienne's accusations. When asked about Brandi's sleeping habits -- which Adrienne was obviously using to point out that she's an unfit mother -- Gimenez said:

No. She does not. In fact, she’s a morning person to the point it drove me a little crazy. I’m not always chipper in the morning. But Brandi and the boys were always bounding into my room, bright and shiny. Sometimes it was at 6 a.m., sometimes 7 a.m. It all depends on her sons. But, trust me; when they’re up, she’s up.

So there's that. As for the allegations that she's a drug addict, Gimenez called it a "reckless comment" and she Tweeted to Brandi:

I'm appalled at a statement that 'ur a drug addict.' I lived with you and I KNOW UR NOT. IN FACT U & my mom SAVED MY LIFE & Put me in REHAB.

I'm not buying either of Adrienne's accusations frankly. Maybe Brandi slept until the afternoon once, or imbibed in an illegal substance here or there, but she seems to have it together way too well for either to be true on the broad basis Adrienne was implying. Brandi seems like a great mom and pretty savvy businesswoman with a knack for starting drama. She's volatile and a bit crass for sure, but I also think she at least speaks the truth. Adrienne it seems was angry and just grasping at scathing straws.

Of course this is all a bunch of she-said, she-said at this point, so who knows who's telling the truth. And of course the biggest she-said we want to know is what did Brandi say about Adrienne that set this whole thing off?

Do you think Adrienne's accusations about Brandi have any truth in them?


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Pinkmani Pinkmani

Brandi admitted to taking Lexapro (SSRI) while drinking. That sounds like drug abuse to me. Lexapro is used for treating severe depression and generalized anxiety disorder. When you are severely depressed, you stay in bed and tasks as simple as peeing require tons of energy. Lots of depressed folks sleep all day. If it's true, she probably did get up at 3pm to get her boys from the bus stop or something.

nonmember avatar bewildered

@Pinkmani-I am depressed, I take medicine for it. I do NOT sleep all day, in fact quite the opposite I don't sleep much at all. Yes I'm tired all the time, but that is that~! Quit lumping all depressed people in YOUR unjustifiable stereotype~! I have also drank when on my antidepressants, that does not make me a drug abuser~! Who wouldn't get a little depressed with their life splattered every where. Try living under a microscope and having every sordid detail of your spouses escapades thrown in your face day after day...Walk a mile in someone elses shoes before sounding off with your rediculous tirades~!

littl... littlesuzyfrog

I take lexapro and it is used to treat mild depression

and (like the bottle says, once you have gotton used to it without stomach upset, and rashes, you can drive and operate heavy machinery.)  It says this on almost every medicine you take.  Seriously.!!

I despise Salty Women!!  They make up all sort of shit to manipulate to their way!


I doubt that Pual abuses his kids.  I mean really Saltly is REALLY BAD esppecially when their kids will look at that when they get older.  

Way to go Adrienne!!!

Kay Wiermaa

Ummm Brandi was filmed on one of the 100s of trips they have to take together, all doped up and drinking.  So Adrienne's accusations aren't far fetched.

PLUS - Brandi alluded to this very thing when she was being compassionate with Kim, indicating that she had experienced some dark moments of her own (related to substance issues, is what the topic was).  SO.....not a leg to stand on, People Against Adrienne Maloof.

So, Adrienne said Brandi sleeps til 3??? WOW.  How hurtful and damaging.  I'd file charges.  I wish I could sleep til 3....

Lisa Blakely Johnson

I heard the big bombshell was that Adrienne used a surrogate which I really don't see why that would be a big deal....

M Braun Bear


nonmember avatar bingo3

@Pinkmani Your comment is not just ill-informed but downright stupid! You PROVE Adrienne has no case against Brandi. Firstly, you have NO knowledge of Brandi taking lexapro & drinking alcohol simultaneously. Secondly, it is often prescribed for depression precisely for people who drink and do not want to change reduce their drinking habits. It is one of the SSRI's that allows for an alcohol combo as long as one is not heavily abusing alcohol. That said, everyone is different and should act in accordance their doctor's advice. Brandi was put thru hell by her ex-husband and is still dealing with the aftermath. She has handled herself beautifully, despite some hiccups along the way. But to suggest she is a drug addict with less than zero foundation makes YOU ripe for a lawsuit if Brandi were so inclined. If not, you certainly are a malicious effing bullsheeter who would do well to stay off blogs until you learn to get your FACTS straight b4 you start mudslinging. And then there is the matter of your OWN backyard....just sayin!

nonmember avatar bingo35

@Joanne Hester. Adrienne said something in the heat of the moment; the same as Brandi did. Adrienne does not have a case & will merely run up legal fees which she can afford & Brandi cannot not. But I'm sure when Adrienne calms down and puts it in perspective, the matter will go away. They may not ever be friends again but the threats of lawsuits will be off the table.It is to BOTH their advantage to just turn the page and move on.

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