Daniel Radcliffe Thrown Out of a Bar Thanks to Evil Potion Called Jägermeister

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daniel radcliffeBack when Daniel Radcliffe first opened up about his drinking problems during the filming of the final Harry Potter films, I was surprised. For like a minute. Then I realized that spacey-confused thing Harry Potter had going for him was probably more about Radcliffe's inebriated state than character development. Uh-oh. Still, it didn't sound like Radcliffe went too far off the rails: "I went into work still drunk, but I never drank at work," he said. "I can point to many scenes where I'm just gone. Dead behind the eyes." Ah yes, the spacey-confused thing.

Anyway, by the time Radcliffe told the press about his struggles, he'd already been sober for two years -- so I kind of took it for granted that he was maybe out of the woods. I mean, good for him, recognizing his "addictive personality" traits while still in his early 20s! But alas, he is, still, in his early 20s -- not to mention a former child star. Throw Jägerbombs into that mix and guess what happens?

Getting thrown out of a NYC bar after having a fight with the DJ 'cause he won't play the song you requested is what happens.

Oh, Daniel. Not Jägermeister! If they served Jäger at Hogwarts, it would be called Befuddlement Drought. Never does a story starting with the sentence "So then we started drinking Jägerbombs" end well! Of course, the fact that Radcliffe got thrown out of a bar isn't a huge deal in and of itself. Not that it was an awesome thing to have happen, but it sort of falls under the heading of typical young dude behavior.

I just hope this doesn't mean something larger; namely, that Daniel Radcliffe is turning out to be another victim of the Former Child Star Curse. I mean, talk about a dementor. That's a tough one to shake -- just ask LiLo! (If her cell block is allowing visitors, that is.)

Do you think Daniel Radcliffe is a victim of the Former Child Star Curse?


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Badge83 Badge83

It's "draught" not "drought". Big difference.

nonmember avatar Todd

Yeah, because nobody ever made any bad decisions on any other type of alcohol. Way to single out a brand you know very little about.

nonmember avatar Stef

No, it all sounds very weird, maybe he was in the bar but I think they are exaggerating everything to make news. He's working hard now, usually the Former Child Star Curse comes with unemployment.

nonmember avatar Zoe

So the article you source says he wasn't thrown out, but asked to get a cab.

Great example of intelligent journalism there... Le sigh

nonmember avatar Chris

You can't believe anything DanRad says for sure. A short time ago he had found his true love with whom he was going to be happy forever and a few weeks later he had dumped her, or she him. He was never going to drink any more alcohol and now he gets thrown out of a bar for being an obstreperous drunk.

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