'RHOBH' Kim Richards Should Have Waited to Reveal What Brandi Said About Adrienne

Adrienne Maloof and Kim RichardsSo ever since Monday's explosive episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we've been pondering the question of what Brandi Glanville said about Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif that made them freak the hell out like they did. But somehow the person who really made them freak out like they did -- Kim Richards -- has pretty much escaped scrutiny for her role in the whole mess. But the fact is, none of this had to go down like it did if Kim hadn't felt the need to run and tattle the instant she saw Paul and Adrienne.

I don't fault her for telling them; I would want a friend to tell me if someone said something behind my back. But the time and place were SO inappropriate, and it seemed as if she just couldn't wait to start some drama and perhaps get back at Brandi a little, even if on the surface they've made up.

Kim, of course, has an explanation for why she did it in the manner in which she did, but it's flimsy at best.

On her Bravo blog she wrote:

When I heard it, I felt like a knife went through me for Adrienne. I couldn't believe what I had heard. As close as Adrienne and I have been over the last few years, I felt like if it were true, I would have known about it for sure. And if I didn't know, then she didn't want anybody to know.

She said that as soon as she got home from the dinner at which Brandi dropped the big bomb, she tried to call Adrienne, but couldn't reach her. So when she saw them at the event she "just didn't feel it could wait."

I thought maybe they could talk to Brandi and put a stop to this, as it could potentially be devastating to their family. I felt so bad for Paul and Adrienne.

But in the middle of Mauricio's big party?! The next morning would have been soon enough and certainly saved the ugly spectacle that followed. I don't doubt that Adrienne and Brandi would have had it out at some point over the matter, but it didn't have to be like this. And I'm sure Kyle Richards -- who was horrified that this was going down at her husband's big agency event -- would agree.

Kim stated, "I hope you all understand that I came from a caring place, and I didn't mean to make trouble for anyone.” And I suppose we can give her the benefit of the doubt about her motives, but she also needs to take some of the blame for the fallout too.

Do you think Kim was wrong to tattle to Adrienne and Paul about what Brandi said like she did?


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Nellie Athome

Does anyone actually care?

littl... littlesuzyfrog

I felt really disappointed with this "big" secret.  Why would Maurisio invite these ladies knowing they're drama drama to a big industry event?  All of these ladies should have not been invited.

loves... lovesouldoula

Kim is sober, bored and looking to be relevant on the show. That is all, she is basically a snooze fest and just downright uncomfortable to watch, I mean, half the time she still seems loaded. And since when did she and Adrienne become so close? Kim wasn't close to anybody before.

CAP1015 CAP1015

Jessicasmom1, I somewhat agree but the show is awful because these people are absolute scum, scum with money, but total morally bankrupt, severely narcisstic, and just out and out bad people.  If they didn't have money most of them would repeat stars on the Jerry Springer show. 

nonmember avatar gessie

Kim's explanation makes perfect sense to me. She is a loyal friend. Adrienne has been very good to her, truly listening and being supportive and non-judgemental. Not like the others. It freaking amazes me how everybody is giving Brandi a pass on this. She is just a terrible person, yet everybody makes excuses for her, including herself. She is willing to hurt people to sell her book, that is what all of this attacking of people is about, and if you don't know that, then you are missing a few brain cells.

CAP1015 CAP1015

Watching this show can rob you of your brain cells!

Barb Aroneo Roach

It was in the script, it's a bunch of crap.  Paul was laughing as they left.  What Adrienne is having an affair?  Who cares...

Carol Norrie

I am reading these comments and sitting here laughing, if all of you are so appalled at what Kim did and think this show is so awful, then why the hell are you all watching it????...

Anne Breen Kenney

Kim just couldn't wait to run and tell them, it was like the walked in the door and Kim was in their faces. Plus I think she wanted a little fight, something to go down at her sister's party.  There is jealous on Kim part of her sister for sure.  SAD!!

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