Most Heartwarming Christmas Song Ever Has Nothing to Do With Jesus or Santa (VIDEO)

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tim minchinI'm guessing that if you're a born and bred American like me, you proooobably haven't heard of Australian-British comedian, actor, composer, songwriter, pianist, musical director, and self-described "huge rock 'n' roll megastar" Tim Minchin. But he's someone we totally should know about, because he's written a sentimental Christmas song, "White Wine in the Sun," that gets at the heart of what the holiday should really be about.

It's been six years since Minchin originally wrote the tribute to Christmas, but the singer recently reported that he's "finally recorded a studio version. Huzzah!" and all proceeds from the sale of this song during the month of December 2012 will go to the National Autistic Society (NAS). Awesome!

You can check out a performance of the tune here ...

Awww, absolutely love how he nails how so many people who consider themselves "hardly religious" and "get freaked out by churches" feel about the holidays -- Christmas, in particular. Sometimes we even have a love-hate relationship with it all, feeling like the focus of the season has been shifted in a horrible way toward, as Minchin puts it, "consumerism, the commercialization of an ancient religion," and "selling PlayStations and beer."

But then we realize we have the power to shift the focus to what it's all really about: Spending time and making memories with loved ones. In Minchin's case, that means seeing his parents, siblings, and gran "drinking white wine in the sun." For others, it means curling up on the couch with their kids to watch Elf or It's a Wonderful Life or getting together with old friends to chow down on some fresh-fried latkes. In the midst of Black Thursdays and mall madness, thanks Tim Minchin for the much-needed reminder: This time of year, all we actually need is one another.

Do you love Minchin's song's message?


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Andi Dodd

He's hilarious... but this is actually a very touching sweet song.  I love it!


Senia... Seniahmom

Wow that was great! Glad I checked it out!

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