Adrienne Maloof’s BIG Secret May Not Be So Big After All

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Brandi Glanville and Adrienne MaloofOh you silly Housewives, always gotta make things super overly dramatic. Things got really out of control on RHOBH. We have no clue what Brandi Glanville said about Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif on Monday night's ep. The possibilities being discussed are pretty heavy issues, abuse and surrogacy for starters. Come on, though. We all know that Housewives reality is a bit different from ours.

So since we're all dying to know what the big secret is and it doesn't sound like we're going to find out anytime soon, let's consider for a minute a few lighter issues that could set her off, shall we?

1. Paul isn't even a real doctor: Yeah, so what, we've seen him operate on Mauricio's mother on the show? For all we know, this is one big staged foolish game and we're just victims of "reality."

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2. Adrienne's hair isn't hers: Sure, other Housewives like Kim Zolciak have no problem admitting that their strands are 100 percent fake. Adrienne, though, what if her hair is faux and it's just full of secrets wanting to get out?

3. Adrienne's three sons are just actors: Hey, if so they've got the parts down PERFECT. Complete with fake hospital visits for mysterious injuries and everything!

4. Adrienne has nothing to do with "her" shoe line: When she says she made a brand new line for spring 2013, she really means that she paid someone else to design it. The last thing she wants is people to stop splurging for her $130 stilts!

5. Adrienne only owns "fake" jewelry: Oh my GOD. THE HORROR. If this were to get out, the whole world would dismiss her as a Real Housewife. And then where would she be???

OK, so obviously none of these things are true. Adrienne's sons, well, they're adorable and Paul, well, he's a real M.D. But hey, they're a whole lot LESS serious, more Bravo-ish, and less worrisome to ponder these than the really serious accusations being flung around. Only time will tell what the true issues are, and trust me, this is gonna be juicy.

What do you think set off Adrienne? What's the big secret?


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Sandy Slater

I think it's that she was once a man, and the kids are adopted

laure... laurenemb

She used a surrogate for all her kids. It's a secret because even the kids don't know.

Karol Keplinger

She used a Surrogate for her three sons.....and who cares its their business and Brandy is a drama queen and Kin is a sh_t disturber.

mommyg97 mommyg97

I think it is that her husband abused the kids. Since that came out in the divorce. If she did use a surrogate then I think she probably did have a penis at some point

Jane Doherty

She's a man...afterall its California

Suzie Smith McGinnis

What a disgusting, terrible, war of words at Mauricio's beautiful & important party. Kim really did it this time...she should have never brought that "stuff" up at the party. She acted like a 5 yr old with a secret, and couldn't wait to start trouble. Kim doesn't actually think about the consequences of her actions...EVER! That episode actually made me anxious, just watching it! Epic Fail on Kim's part & big mouth Brandi too.

Donna Larsen

It is that she and her husband had a sexually "open" relationship.  It was mentioned in the divorce papers...

jessi... jessicasmom1

hahah dish on the characters classy ones at that

glori.b glori.b

That was filmed last year, or at least 6 months ago or so. Maybe the secret is the Divorce we all heard about this summer. Adrienne wasnt a man, she is too petite for that. look at her hands. Whatever it is it wont be as shocking as all that they make it seem. Kyle is a drama queen like her sister. If you look at Kyles face while Brandi is talking she is enraptured to hear the juicy gossip. Then acts appaled at what was said. So phony. I agree with SS mcGinness Kim is like a 5 yr old, much like Taylor and her penchant for passing along gossip. Like the way Camille kept her mouth shut though. She is the smart one..




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