Are Kelly Monaco & Val Chmerkovskiy a Couple? Subtle Hints Say They Are! (VIDEO)


Kelly and ValAm I the only one who is having major Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy withdrawal ever since the All-Star season of Dancing With the Stars ended? I seriously miss those two, in a totally non-stalkerish sort of way. (I swear.)

This may sound really, really corny, but it was such a pleasure to watch them dance together, and that's why all of us who love them can't bear the thought of them not being a real-life couple. But even though their red hot chemistry was blatantly obvious to anyone watching them on DWTS, to this day, they still have to yet to admit whether or not there's more between them than a very deep friendship. (Man. I wish I had a friend like that.)

I've been keeping my eyes peeled for any sort of slip or clue that they may be together (because it's my job to be curious), and it appears as though Kelly may have offered a tiny bit of insight into the status of her love life right now.

While appearing on Marie Osmond's talk show back in October, Kelly admitted that she's a relationship girl -- and she's just not into the whole casual dating thing.

Watch the clip of her interview below, and then we'll talk about her comments.

Ok, so at the time of the interview, she was supposedly single, and then bam! A couple weeks later her supposed "boyfriend," actor Heath Freeman, showed up in the DWTS audience to cheer her on.

And if she and Heath are at all serious, then it had to be pretty uncomfortable for him to watch her on the dance floor with Val each week, which leads me to wonder if maybe Heath was simply there to detract from the fact that Kelly and Val are the hottest thing we've ever seen on television.

Heath was definitely rooting for her and supporting her, and even tweeted out a few messages asking for fans to vote for Kelly and Val in the DWTS finale. But after that, his tweets about Kelly suddenly stopped. (Weird.)

And that brings us to Val's Twitter feed, which has had a few interesting references to Kelly over the past couple weeks. (Ok, maybe I'm a little bit more of a stalker than I thought.)

On December 3, he gave Kelly the following shout out:

"Miss @kellymonaco1 #thatsmypartnerthatsmyfam"

So sweet -- and love that they're close enough that he considers her to be family. Hmm.

And then the very next day, Val posted a photo of Kelly with the caption #CommanderInChief -- and it appears as though the picture was taken in somebody's home. (If they're spending private time together at one of their pads, things have to be heating up, right?)

Gah. Will we ever know if the passion we all see between Kelly and Val actually exists between them?

Maybe not. But the clues definitely seem to speak for themselves, don't you think?

Are you rooting for Kelly and Val to get together and live happily ever after?


Image via ABC

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nonmember avatar Dolores Mullins

I am so having Val and Kelly redrawals and want so badly for them to get together

Susan Seufert

I loved watching them dance and I would love for them to be in a real relationship. I am concerned because I have not seen any recent signs that they are in contact. No Twitter posts in over a week. Maybe they are Direct Messaging each other. I would hate to think that Kelly is blowing him off now.

nonmember avatar Regina

Check out yesterday's GH (12/11/12) to see Val in a scene...he looked better than ever!

nonmember avatar Margoe

Ultimately, yes I do think they should end up together but you can tell how hard she is struggling at this point, which was before they truly bonded, with her break-up with her boyfriend of 18 years. She is probably scared to death to commit to any sort of relationship with Val that furthers from friendship because she thinks it's going to end the wrong way like her last relationship. I think they both know that what they have is special but there is a wall to break through first. Supposedly the contemporary helped her regain some of her trust in love and I think that in instilled a large amount of faith in what Val can do for her. But I still feel like she isn't committing because she is afraid that it won't last and she will just get hurt again.

Lois Troutman

They are doing an event together on Feb 24 at Uncle Vinnies Comedy Club in Point Pleasant New Jersey Check that site for details.  They are doing meet and greet from 10 - 1 and an intimate event from 2 - 4:30.  

nonmember avatar Rosey H

I too would like them to be a couple. I wonder if the age difference is an issue on the wendy williams she said I'm vintage referring to when Val said he liked vintage cars when the age difference was brought up in another interview. Since she had not dated since 15, she's really closer in age to Val, maybe even younger emotionally-so they are a fit. I hope they figure things out and they find happiness.

Kathryn Carrano Glagowski

I think it would be great if they got together!!There is a 10year age difference but he looks older than 26 at least he did until he shaved his beard!!And Kelly does not look 36. she keeps herself in great shape!! I thought she had a boyfriend,heath Freeman. Her TV mom Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted during DWTS that the man next to her was Kelly's boyfriend Heath!!But maybe they really aren't!!He was there each week but one and that's because he was working but he did look uncomfortable more than once with the closeness. I just wish they would come clean and admit their relationship. I know they have a private life but they are seen out and about. We are fans and we want to know!!!

nonmember avatar Bianca

I say that they should be a couple. They have amazing chemistry. I hope that she fully lets hime in. I love team Vally and miss them a lot.

nonmember avatar TracieKennedy

I want them to be a couple & have their own show, I would never miss a show!!!

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