Bethenny Frankel Finally Speaks Out About Crazy Jill Zarin Interview & It's Awesome (VIDEO)

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bethenny frankelHey. If any of you are looking for any last-minute Christmas ideas for me, I have one. I'd like Andy Cohen, leader of Bravo, right here tonight. I want him brought from his happy holiday slumber over there on Melody Lane with all the other rich people and I want him brought right here, with a big ribbon on his head, so I could tell him what a mad genius he is, and how he makes my life better, and how without his show Watch What Happens Live, I'd be lost. He deserves the biggest Christmas hug ever because when I was scrolling through the channels last night and saw that Bethenny Frankel was going to be in his clubhouse to discuss the interview with Jill Zarin from October, I dare say I clapped a singular, strong clap, poured m'self some Doritos onto a paper towel, and settled in for 24 minutes of pure bliss. And Bethenny, friends, did not disappoint.

As if she ever would. If there's one thing Ms. Frankel knows how to do, it's entertain an audience of assholes like you and me.

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First off, Andy asked her about her personal life and Bethenny revealed that her talk show has been picked up (but doesn't have an air date yet), that Bryn is doing great, and that things with Jason are fine, but he's not around much because he goes on golf trips. That doesn't sound fine to me, and rumor has it their split is coming soon, but we're not going to talk about her mundane marriage when there's the Bethenny/Jill divorce to harp on.

Glorious Andy showed clips of his interview with Jill and gave Bethenny an opportunity to respond ... and it was awesome. Bethenny said that Jill's assertion that their friendship was "all business" is "a travesty of a mockery of a sham" and complete "bull shit."

And what about Jill's complaint that Andy favored Bethenny? B responded that Andy had a lot of crazy women to deal with, and Bethenny was one of the few who kept her nose clean. She became friends with Andy because, as people often do, you become friends with people you work with. She went on to say that this specific lament of Jill's is totally high school, which, like, yes. Yes it is.

Then, when Andy showed the clip of Jill proclaiming she has the most followers on social media of all the Housewives combined, Bethenny responded perfectly, saying Jill needs to get a hobby if she has time to keep track of all of that.

At the end, Bethenny put a nice little bow on everything and said that she knows Jill's just trying to stay relevant (duh), that she knows Jill regretted that interview (really!?), and that she wishes her well.

The poll question was whether or not we thought Bethenny and Jill should be friends again, and, well, the numbers don't lie. Seventy-nine percent of us said NO.

Buh-bye, Jill.


What did you think of Bethenny's interview?


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CAP1015 CAP1015

While this is entertaining, it's not really that surprising is it?  I mean Bethenny is normal.  Jill crazy as batshit.  I think Bethenny said the correct things and was honest, which is something Jill just can wrap her head around. 

fleur... fleurdelys3110

While Bethenny may look normal on tv, she is not. My family has known her and her father for many years and she is INSANE

nonmember avatar Tami

Bethenny is normal?! I have always thought that she comes across as one of the meanest and most unbalanced housewives of all.....

nonmember avatar Zammo

Ugh. Wow. The Jill/Bethenny "feud" is still interesting to people? Good lord what all of these women will do to try and stay famous. Frankel's time has come and gone. You were famous for a few years, now you're not. Like Jill, you need a new hobby other than famewhoring.

Joanne Hester

I don"t know,Jill should just give it a rest , I like Jill  but she sticks her foot in her mouth a lot. I would like  to see her back on a show she can be very entertaining and fun to watch.  Bethany, I don't know about her either she is definitely not normal, but we all can't be normal.  Sorry they didn't patch things up, if they were smart meaning more for Bethany they would.  Bethany  looks really unforgiving and it is weird, she doesn't have to be Jill best friend but she didn't have to be so cold;

nonmember avatar ruthless1

I generally like Bethany and I definitely would agree more with her than Jill, but I was quite disappointed with how she handled heself with Andy. She was trying waaaaay to hard to appear flip and cool it came off badly. She seemed too harsh and a bit too desperate for us to believe none of it mattered to her. I liked her less after seeing that appearance. She could have done so much better if her humor had been genuine instead of forced and somewhat snotty.

CAP1015 CAP1015

you do realize that Jill was Bethenny's best bud, until Bethenny has some minor success and then it really hit the bricks when Bethenny become worth over $125 million by selling the skinny Girl Brand to Seagrams.  Also I should have qualified my statement that in comparison to the other skanks on this show she was the most normal. 

Austin Keenan

I agree with ruthless1.    She wasn't that convincing.   Maybe it's just because the program centered around responding to Jill whereas normally she's just ask about it in the context of the other things she has going on.   

nonmember avatar kk

Bethenny is a user and liar. I was her neighbor. I work in media and gave her free advice which she used to help herself...never even got a Thank you.

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