Honey Boo Boo Wants Her Own Cartoon & We Hope She Gets It


honey boo boo cartoon

Those who truly redneckognize the awesomeness of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo will love the latest news about the pint-sized pageant queen. Little Alana Thompson now reportedly wants her own cartoon. That's right folks, get ready for the animated adventures of Honey Boo Boo.

A new 24-page comic book spoof 15 Minutes: Honey Boo Boo inspired the reality TV star's new goal. "Alana was so excited to see her in a comic book," a family friend told The Enquirer. "She says that if she were in a cartoon, she could do anything."

Watch out Oprah -- Boo Boo is gunning for your Queen of Media crown. I know a lot of people will roll their eyes at the idea, but I can't get enough of Honey Boo Boo. I love her attitude, pluck, and sass. Boo Boo has already been featured in a priceless -- and characteristically cruel -- episode of South Park, so her own cartoon series is a natural next step. The show would feature Alana and the rest of her backwoods clan, including Momma June, daddy Sugar Bear, and sisters Chubbs, Pumpkin, and Chickadee.

"The cartoon would focus on Alana and her family, following them mud-boggin, eating road kill, and munching on cheese puffs -- a lot like their show on TLC," added the friend. "But when duty calls, Alana will disappear and change into a superhero-type character who helps people out of sticky situations. And her family would know she's a superhero." I love it. I can just picture it now. Alana is certainly determined to make this happen. She is reportedly pressuring her momma to pitch the idea to TV execs. She's even started drawing possible costumes. As far as names, my vote is for Super Boo Boo, The Adventures of the Amazing Boo Boo, or even Boo Boo: Princess of Pigs' Feet! Can't wait to see it.

Will you watch a Honey Boo Boo cartoon?

Check out South Park's take on Honey Boo Boo and her momma June:


honey boo boo


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BPayne09 BPayne09

I wish she would go away along with the Teen Mom people

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

I am so tired of hearing about this back woods white trash family. They are in NO way good role models for their kids. Every single one of the kids will end up obese like the mom. And I hate that you call what that kid has "pluck and sass". Its incredibly rude and obnoxious behavior. I can't stand AUDLTS who act the way she does, but its supposed to be cute because shes a child? I dont think so. I agree with Adam Levine and his rant. They are the down fall of western civilization. it irritates me that these people have their own show, for multiple seaons, yet good shows with intelligent story lines and concepts struggle to make it through 1 season.

                                banging head into wall

LoriA... LoriAnn87

God no these people just need to go away.

Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

To save me tiime just pretend I typed out what every other poster has said so far...because I totally agree.

Sarah Meghan Morris

Yes, Yes, Yes, oh and did I mention YES!!!!! People, if you don't like the show STOP LOOKING AT THE LINKS AND COMMENTING!!!!! You're wasting your time because the poeple who do like the show, and I am one of them and PROUD, really do not care what you say. Each person ahs their own opinion and yes you can voice it but instead of calling people rude names say something else. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, THEN DO NOT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! I am sure all of you were brought up better than your comments lead people to believe.


nonmember avatar Jon

Sarah Morris, it seems to me like you are the one coming across as ill-mannered. Having a temper tantrum because others don't like a show you like makes you seem immature.

nonmember avatar James

I just heard about this Honey kid. Why is anyone watching this trash. I don't have a job, and looking at my aquarium all day is more entartaining than this Bo-Bo kid.

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