Singer Jenni Rivera Believed Alive by Her Family, Thanks to a Psychic

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Jenni RiveraI hadn't heard of Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera before her tragic plane crash last Sunday, but like so many others, I hoped that she'd be found alive. She sounded like a fascinating woman -- not just a star in the Latino music community, but a TV producer, an entrepreneur, and the spokeswoman for the National Coalition against battered women and domestic violence. Rivera had five children and two grandchildren.

Last Sunday, Mexican officials located the wreckage of the plane that carried her and six others, and they confirmed everyone's worst fears: there were no survivors. I'm sure the news must have been absolutely devastating to her family ... especially to her brother Juan Rivera, who despite the discovery of the plane, insists that the family has faith that Rivera will be found alive.

Worse, her 11-year-old son is also saying that he believes his mother is not dead -- and this all seems to be thanks to the ongoing claims made by a psychic.

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U.S. officials confirmed that Rivera died on impact during the crash, and her father relayed the news to Telemundo on Sunday. Rivera's other brother, Pedro River Jr, also seems to have accepted the tragedy of his sister's passing:

We are feeling devastated. Life is like that. We live and we die. We may be sad, but when God has the last word for all of us in our last days, it's time to go.

Her brother Juan, however, told reporters that he and other family members were holding out hope:

In our eyes, we still have faith that my sister will be OK. We have no confirmation of her body being recovered, dead or alive.

Rivera's 11-year-old son, Johnny Angel Lopez, has been posting on Twitter that he knows his mother is alive:

My Mama is alive. I lost hope but I got it back. She is not dead. #saveJenni.

His account is filled with messages that indicate he and other family members strongly believe Jenni is alive, thanks in no small part to a psychic's claim that Rivera escaped the crash. According to the psychic, Rivera is injured but making her way along a stream 12 miles from the crash.

It's hard to know what's going on here, and what's motivating this psychic to continue spreading information about Jenni Rivera to her family. I'm a skeptic by nature so I'm inclined to think this person is a horrible opportunist, but maybe they truly believe they're helping in some way.

At any rate, I feel terrible for Rivera's family, who are now caught between those who believe she's alive -- and are thus insisting on sending out search parties -- and those who have accepted the confirmation of her death made by both Mexican and U.S. officials. I hope that everyone finds peace soon, and can begin grieving the loss of a woman who was clearly an important part of many people's lives.

What do you think of this psychic's claims about Jenni Rivera?

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paige... paige8608

I watched I love Jenni on Mun2...not having any idea who the heck she was. But she & her family are pretty entertaining. 

If they didn't find her body in the wreckage, maybe she is alive. But I am also a skeptic when it comes to psychics.

nonmember avatar Eddie

I was never the biggest fan of Jenni, but no one should ever wish death upon anyone. I was keeping hope and praying that Jenni was found alive and continue to pray and hope that somehow she is alive and well.

Regardless, Jenni was a strong and one of the strongest women I've ever admired. Although her life was full of hardships she overcame them and put her fans first.

The world has possibly lost a very shining star this weekend, but not all hope is lost that Jenni is still somehow by a miracle found alive.

RIP Jenni<3

MomLi... MomLily67

Body parts have been found already, among them a foot with red nailpolished toes, scalp with long brown tresses, just like hers. Terrible tragedy for any family to accept.  Lets not forget about the other 6 passengers that also lost their lives. She was one of a kind, and many latino woman felt she was their inspiration for seeking a better life for themselves and families. Check out the latest interviews she gave, it does seem she was at peace with God and the world.  Was in divorce proceeding from MLB player  Loaiza.

curly... curlygirl31

I seen her in concert 2005

nonmember avatar alvaro quesada

Really, a psychic! Oh come on!

pupuk... pupukeawahine

Psychic is probably just picking up messages from her on the other side, or she's just ripping off the family. (They used to call that sort fortune tellers.)  Depends on what kind of psychic she is.

Monica Nieves

the truth of the matter is, people are going to speculate...acceptance is hard for a lot of people..but the body parts were there, unless of course it's all a hoax,,but it seems unlikely...the question still remains..why her?,,,why now?...only God knows...

chapi... chapisguzman

Its a shame that people are and will take adventage of this sitiuation...

I pray for al of the people that were on the plane

starl... starlighthippie

When I was nine my dad was in a car accident in which he was rendered brain dead. I had an Aunt who kept telling me he would get better because her psychic told her, and a grandmother who told me the virgin Mary visited her and told her he would come home and be healthy, but that he would walk with a cane. Three years later, he DIED. I spent 3 years believing them and he DIED. What the family is doing to her child is deplorable.

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