'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Brandi Glanville Drops a Major Bombshell About Adrienne Maloof

Brandi Glanville and Adrienne MaloofWhat the hell did Brandi Glanville say about Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif on tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? I can't believe Bravo left us hanging like this.

There all the ladies were -- minus Adrienne -- tasting appetizers at Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant. The talk quickly turned to Adrienne and her book deal, which no one seemed to believe could possibly be true. Then Brandi started going off about her. "I feel like she lies a lot," she said.

She reiterated some of what she said in Ojai about them trying to get her to Tweet things against Lisa, and how things have escalated and escalated. Then she dropped the HUGE bombshell ...

... only we have no clue what it was because it was bleeped out. Whatever it was, it was a big one, because everyone was speechless. No one stood up to defend Adrienne, as shocked as they were that Brandi would go THAT far below the belt.

When Adrienne and Paul walked into Mauricio's big agency event, Brandi wasn't worried about anything going down. "I don't think these are the kind of girls that go and tattle," she said. Oh how wrong she was about that.

Kim Richards couldn't wait to pounce and break the news to Paul and Adrienne. She so should have known better than to do it then and there at Mauricio's event, but she did it anyway. And oh boy is she going to have to answer to Kyle for that one later.

She said it was something "private and deep" about their family, but once again, what "it" was exactly was kept from us (Andy Cohen, how could you?!). Whatever it was, it caused them to explode. Adrienne started talking about slapping her with a lawsuit, and Paul could barely contain himself.

As they were storming out, Brandi overheard him calling her a bitch, and then it all hit the fan. There were accusations of character defamation, more name calling, and finger pointing. "You're a piece of sh*t," Paul told Brandi. Adrienne suggested Brandi was a drug addict, and said she sleeps until 3 p.m. and leaves her kids alone. Brandi kept calling them liars.

It was ugly to say the least, and Kyle Richards was freaking out that it was all going down and ruining her husband's event. "Things have gotten so bad I don't even know where we go from here," she said.

It's hard to tell, especially because we don't know what the hell Brandi said. Via tweets before this episode aired, it seems like at least Paul and Brandi have been able to move on since. It doesn't seem like Adrienne and Brandi have ... or ever will. Brandi tweeted, "@DrPaulNassif & I are friends & fine! Obviously he now has been on the other side of AM's lies. He called & apologized 4 coocks accusations RT!"

On her blog Brandi states that she regrets what she said about Adrienne, even if her words were warranted. "We all make mistakes, and if I could take this back I would. Trust me! I can't, so now I just have to deal. Boy is it going to be expensive!"

So WHAT was it? I suppose it could be about their divorce, but they seem way too united at this point in the show for that to be it. There are the allegations about Adrienne using a surrogate to have her children that have come up, which I think is probably most likely. And there are allegations about Paul abusing his kids and Adrienne. But somehow I didn't get a sense that it was any of these things. I got the sense it was something even bigger ... or maybe that's just what Bravo wants us to think.

Any guesses as to what Brandi's big bombshell about Adrienne was?


Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar Flopsy

I thought Brandi revealed that Adrienne used an egg donor for the pregnancies. Camille used a surragote; no one cares about that and I don't believe it would bother Adrienne if people knew she used a surrogate. She just probably hasn't told the kids yet about using an egg donor.

nonmember avatar jj

If this was such a huge secret why would you tell anyone, let alone Brandi? This blame lies with Adrienne and no one else. Once it leaves your lips it's out and you can't blame anyone else but yourself. Shows the idiocy of these women!

nonmember avatar guest

I do not care for Brandi and I believe Lisa has hit an all time low, she hangs out with her for gutter info (Beverly Hills style) and feeds 'Kens" ego....she is getting older and she keeps him distracted with Brandi (the gal who thinks your so great) Brandi has no money her only way in is through people helping and I believe she had just that! You heard her remark, 'she needed this book for money' Well her story is an old one, how many of the Housewives are wife #2 or 3..Yolanda? ...and lets not forget the OC... and the general population boasts over 50% of all marriages end in divorce so Brandi your not the only wife who was dumped.

Maxx Andrew Pelofske

Brandi is the type of person where she's not gonna lie... There is no point, she hasn't had much money long or has very much now. Come on people are many of us expecting people we get into confrontations with to "slap us with a big fat lawsuit? I'm sure not lol. Like really? If your that worried about it that proves its true right there bitch. Otherwise you would just let it go, but she is a spoiled "entitled" woman so we know how that'll play out. . .

Austin Keenan

I think Brandi is a twit who can only get attention by saying things that don't need to be said and shouldn't be said.    She likes to pretend that it's being honest and courageous.   It's being childish.   

 Knowing when it's appropriate to say something and having self control is part of being a grown-up.   

nonmember avatar Ti Chee

I think that once the show ends each Monday evening? I am over it. but quick Advise for Adrienne.. If you really ARE upset? laugh it off, Honey. thats the BEST way to shut them up... Just look at them and Laugh. (throw in alittle psychotic high pitched tones & thats even better.)

nonmember avatar blah

What if this show is fake and nothing was really said and everyone is falling for it?

nonmember avatar Nan

Brandi is a trouble mixer, of course she says it when Adrienne isn't there to defend herself. She likes the attention under the guise of oh I can't take it back and I'm the only one who tells the truth.,,yeah right

Brandi Ray Workman

Brandi is nothing but a trouble maker and trash. She has NO class and wants nothing more than to cause fighting...so, no, BRAVO will not remove her. Brandi's trash is bringing in money. But I would turn my nose up at her if I passed her on the street. She is pathetic and needs to mind her own business.

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